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They're $tupid.
I didn't mean to come off as critical. I LOVE her. And remember her blog posts about weight. She's awesome.  
Oh, do share. That sounds worth reading.
fresh organic greens at every meal, seriously.   If you're not going completely vegan, you can get those three things (calcium, B12 and protein, plus D and iron) from wild salmon and sardines.
There are lots and lots of fat vegans. Just ask Isa Chandra Moskowitz. I lost 80 pounds on a vegan diet, but I counted calories to do it.
My diet is actually pretty high in fat, ~40% of my calories, 100+ grams a day. Almost totally plant based fats from whole foods. I get ample saturated fats from nuts, chocolate and coconut. I'm at a healthy weight, and more importantly, a healthy body fat %age (18%).
Are you planning on staying on medifast for the rest of your life? That's the only way it will work long term. You've already learned that 'diets' stop working when you stop adhering to them.
Quote: My professional philosophy is that there are 3 facets of good health: eating, moving and sleeping. You diet sounds pretty good (the only suggestion I'd make is to try eliminating grains for awhile and focus on eating protein, healthy fat and fruits and vegetables in copious amounts). You're moving now, so you're getting on track there (again, only one suggestion, make sure you're fitting in a short bout of high intensity work most days, even something as simple as...
How much sleep are you getting?
I count calories. I eat a very 'Eat to Live' style diet, but with more fat than Fuhrman recommends. I've been counting calories for 3 years and have lost 80 pounds and kept it off. It really isn't as tedious as people tend to think it is. After the first few weeks, you start to memorize the calorie counts of your favorite foods and meals and it gets easier to keep a running tally in your head. Also, if I plan my day in advance (food wise), I only have to think about it...
New Posts  All Forums: