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that's crazy!! SO glad it worked out! way to be strong mama! congrats again!
we did selective/delayed vax with my DD and then eventually stopped all vax. we haven't talked too much about it this time but I'm in the boat of not vaxxing at all. if we do, it will be very selective. I do worry sometimes about my DH exposure to nastiness (he is a correctional officer and has already been pricked with a weapon and had to undergo testing for multiple diseases because you never know) but we take a lot of precautions to minimize the rest of the family's...
congrats! Lovely photo - he's perfect!
awww how sweet! congrats!!
congrats!! sounds wonderful!
AWWWW CONGRATS MAMA! he's precious!!
the same has been happening to me too! @Nillarilla I know I have saved things people have given us and from ouor daughter and I just can't find them! d'oh!
Hi @mylylah! you've probably decided on things already but just to offer some input - we bought a crib with my first and it was never used. We both slept best together, co-sleeping in our bed. then she transitioned to her room on a mattress on the floor at 2.5 years. we are moving soon so we may set up the toddler bed (crib converts) at the new house if she wants it. Otherwise our crib has gotten no use. So if you do get a crib I would recommend one that converts to get...
@Philothea two people have had their babies! One had their baby over a week ago and one had her baby yesterday (I think). I don't know what their names on here are, only their names on facebook. sorry!
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