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Thanks for resounding it did eventually go away -- all test came back negative just one heck of a bug! Also just in case another mom comes upon this I ignored the advice to stop nursing but did eliminate dairy in their diet bc it agitated them a bit although now they are fine.
I struggled with this, I wore my singleton all the time, everywhere, it was great. With the twins I really found wearing one and holding or pushing in the stroller the way to go. I bought this crazy weego thing from Europe - I don't recommend it! I think ergo goes well with lots of other wraps. Moby no longer states it is safe for twins, a lot of wraps use to say twin friendly but I couldn't find any that recommend it now- not to say you can't but it can be a bit tricky....
Sending hugs to you! I have twins abd a 4 year old and that alone has me emotionally unstable. I think it is great your getting it out I wish I could help. My only advice is if your truly unhappy abd no linger want to pursue this career path then talk to your husband and sell the house, you deserve to be happy!
No advice just feel like your living my life! I'm so sick of the mess and when I do get caught up within days it all returns. I just need a visual break from seeing all the stuff I need to do. Plus I have twins abd a 4 year old and feel guilty if I clean instead of have quality time with them. I pray a magic fairy maid appears while I sleep and cleans it all up!
Also we even tried a round of arithromyician with no effect at all.
So 6 weeks ago twin A (just turned one) got diaherea I wasn't concerned it happens, but after 2 weeks I got very worried, then at 3 weeks twin B got it, now they both are still suffering. I think it is infectious not dietary bc it passed from one to other other and onset was very similar. Started with bloating , gas, horrible diaper rash, upwards of 10 dirty diapers daily. We have done stool samples for giardiasis, etc so far everything is negative but it's hard to get a...
What happened? I have twins abd it is the same exact thIng, they just turned a year started with twin b 6 weeks ago, twin a is at 3 weeks. It must be infectious but we have done so many stool samples and it's impossible bc it all goes into the diaper! I'm loosing my mind! They are now telling me to quit nursing please provide update! I have tried everything!
Thanks for the help! I have been slowly checking out the books recommended - so many good suggestions we should be set for months. Personally I am loving the Bill Peet books and she is liking Amelia Bedelia. But great suggestions feel free to keep them coming I am making a list.
As a "overly sensitive" person I think the best you can do is just support her and accept her as is. I hate when people point out my "overly sensitive" ways. I can't help it but i have learned to deal with it more as an adult. Life forces you to find ways of coping eventually though I still self censor sad abd scary things when possible. I try and see it as a gift not a curse. My mom has always treated it like a problem I needed to fix. I think it was out of love that she...
Thanks again I will head to the library for picture books. I totally agree there is no reason to worry about her reading level, she loves to read, my concern is keeping that love of reading up by not making her read things she won't enjoy or "get". The school just wants each child to have growth throughout the year which I think will naturally happen if she has books she enjoys. I am hoping to homeschool next year I just have make do until then.
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