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Well I have swollen a bit and hadn't taken my rings off. I sat in a freezing pool today for a while and managed to get one off with using some vasoline. I have tried windex to no avail but now my finger is bruised from getting the first ring off and super sore and red. I was thinking I should wait a couple days then try again but how long is it safe to keep the ring on, at what point do I just need to cut it off?
I just wanted to say thanks for all the insight. yes my daughter is younger we are just starting so I want it to be fun and play based at the heart but since I come from a traditional school background it is hard to let go of having some structure - for me to keep from feeling like I am doing nothing. But all your insights are super helpful and the links to other sites, ideas etc. very appreciated!!! Thanks
So I am wanting to start homeschool, not really sure what that means but I don't want to have to much structure - but I really want some ideas - a oplan of attack. I am about to have twins so I feel like having some cirriculum will help me stay on track and teach her in an organzied way, even if we don't do it every day - I just plan on going at our own pace and maybe supplement with fun life activities.    So I was going to do the McRuffy Science? any thoughts? I...
That is so amazing I just love it - it gave me tears - that pic should be cherished!
Just wanted to share our twins names. I was a little worried about having them start with the same letters but both names carry a lot of meaning for us so we are going for it. The boy will be Isaac Mathew and the girl is Iris Kristine . My DD that we have is Annabeth after my sweet Grandmother so we wanted special names for the the twins. Isaac is taken from the Bible - we are not very religious but the story of that name is so true for us thinking we would never have...
I also just wanted to send some positive thoughts your way. This pregnancy has been stressful for me and it is such a bummer because I know we hate to wprry but sometimes our bodies make it impossible not to. When you can I would seek other care because you deserve better!
Well my OB has said if I want meds they will give them but hasn't pushed them so I guess he isn't overly concerned. I am though. I just don't see how this many can be good for the babies. I did a bath today with Epsom salt and it helped for an hour or so. I try relaxation and meditation to no avail. Part of my fear is that with my DD I was in labor and they said I was no where close then I had her within the hour. With my loss I was at the hospital explaining all my...
I did delayed cord clamping with my daughter, we were able to wait about 25 minutes but I have heard of much longer and shorter. There really is not enough research to support how long is long enough -or what benefit really ( I have read lots of reasons why to delay but not scientific articles)  I am a childbirth educator and even though it is greatly supported even most midwives agree the research why isn't there yet. It makes sense logically that the baby would benefit...
Can I be added technically I am 10/2 but am having twins and my Dr. is unlikely to support me past 38 weeks. I have one DD at home.
I hope to use a combo of Hypnobabies/Hypnobirthing for my twin birth.I used Hypnobabies for my daughter and loved it then became a certified HypnoBirthing teacher and like it as well. I haven't started much practice yet though I keep putting it off - now that I have a little one time is so precious!
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