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Hi Litmama!  I'm glad to hear that you have been healing. What a rough go. I think we are in the same boat, in terms of our DH not being keen to try but then still being willing to DTD at the right time. (Well, in our case we don't even know when the chance will be since I am waiting for my 1st PPAF.)  I'm just happy right now that he has moved on to the point that he can make jokes about trying for another, instead of getting stern and saying 'no way'. I was really upset...
I'm waiting for PPAF to show up yet. I was 5.5 months with DS, and then 5 months with DD. I hope this time around is similar, so I have as many chances as possible left.  I've been thinking about how MDC has changed, I joined in 2010... One thing I noticed with the TTC while nursing thread, there seemed to be more of a foundation to it. I don't know how to articulate it-- but kind of like, the people in it the first time I was there, they really seemed to rally around one...
((HUGS)) chilee. 
Chilee, how many dpo are you?
Chichi, that is wonderful news! Hoping all is more than well for you.
Me, I'm 45 in December! I don't feel my age, I hope my eggies are on board!
Aw, I would feel shitty too. If you bd tonight that would still fall into the window. Hopefully you get into a different frame of mind and he gets energy for tonight. It can be hard for our men to perform when there is the pressure of timing...but still, if this is to be the last try before the V...would you two consider delaying and trying next month again? Good luck with tonight, though...Kmfx.
Chilee, were you testing once or twice a day?
I read in another thread on maca that you were taking the powdered form and it tastes absolutely gross... don't think I can do it!  I'll take the pill form-- I wonder how many mg is needed. I think in that thread most were taking 1500 mg...
chilee, the opks are looking good! I say tomorrow would be it!   Re: maca and B6... how much do you all take?   Wanting one last kick at the can, and over the next few months I want to be be as fertile as possible at my age!  ;)
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