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Have you checked into whether or not there is any lip or tongue tie? Sometimes they can be really hard to determine...my daughter had a slight tongue tie that didnt require clipping, we just had to wait it out until she developed stronger oral motor skills. She would start out with a good latch but then tire out, and then her latch would get a little sloppy. It was only on tge one boob this happened, which is my slightly smaller one. ((Hugs))
Gelato, I'm so sorry about your loss. What a sweet little boy you have, and those hugs and kisses must have meant so much to your aching heart.   LitMama, so sorry for your loss. I do remember you from the old days... I've missed you.   Chilee, thinking of you...   I don't have a lot to post... just feeling sad about the losses experienced by each of you.  Seems so cruel, to have the hopes and dreams of this new little life, only to lose it.  Sending love and light...
Chilee, so sorry for your loss. ((Hugs))
Just popping in to say hi! Saorise, nice to see you pop in to give an update. I am not sure if you remember me...I have been on and off for the past 3.5 years. Best wishes for a bfp! If I get to have one more babe I would be 45 as well. I still have to wait for my cycles to get back on track so I can get back to trying.
Hello everyone, Well, here I am with baby #3 in my arms. She is 5 weeks old tomorrow (born Nov 10). I am 43-- I will be 44 next week. A vbac homebirth-- it was very healing for me and a very easy and quick birth. Almost unassisted because I had no idea I was progressing as fast as I was. She is happy and healthy. I thought I would immediately have the feeling that I was done right after she came, but this isn't the case. I am not sure what the future holds, but if I was...
Hi all, I would love to join. My baby is four weeks old today. She is my third child (I have an eighteen month old girl and a three year old boy). I had a wonderful pregnancy--it was the most peaceful and happiest of all three. She arrived at exactly 37 weeks, and I was able to have the vbac homebirth I had been hoping for. I am over the moon with my sweet baby girl. However, I have been experiencing feelings of loss around not being pregnant anymore, going early, and...
Now it has also become chocolate cream cheese spread (the new one that just came out!) on toast, and watermelon. Still wanting dill pickle chips much of the time, too.
My understanding is that the new blood test (the Harmony test) would be 99% accurate in detecting Down's, and as for the anatomy scan at 18-20 weeks, if a baby has Down's the scan can detect it 90% of the time.   I'm just going through this whole decision-making process as well... Here in Canada, they don't do the testing in my city (and it is a major city) but they do it halfway across the country in another city... so the blood can be drawn here and then couriered....
owlhowl, that is great news for you!   mataji4, I really like the name Noelle!   A couple names I can throw out there to add to the list-- Luciana, Joelle   Boys names are so hard for me!
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