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Bloating... Yes. Definitely something I have. Especially at the end of the day. I'm finding that since this is my third, it's more obvious-- I seem to pop right out. And I can't wear my regular pants right now... I'm trying so hard to keep this pregnancy under wraps, but my bloated belly is going to give it away before I know it!
shebrumit, so sorry to hear of what you had to go through-- that must have been so terribly difficult.  Here's to a happy and healthy progression through to December, for you and the rest of us on here!
Hi rcr!   Laggie, I like what you say about being cautiously optimistic. I felt a little crazy and hormonal the other day when I started tearing up while watching the short cartoon that is on the menu of the Up! movie-- it's where the one cloud with the disheveled stork starts crying because the stork left him... only to return with protective gear. My 2.5 DS looked over at me and said, "Okay, Mommy. No cry". Sheesh.
As for symptoms (or lack thereof), I am right there with you. It seems I had quite a few things happening right at the beginning, but now things kind of feel more normal for me. I am really tired, though, more than normal, so I guess that is one thing I can embrace. (Symptoms are just so reassuring, aren't they, even if they are uncomfortable.)
Hi everyone!  I am joining, despite having a lot of nervousness about things. I'm really hoping things work out, as I have had a couple of previous losses in between my two children. So this will be number 3-- my due date is December 1st. We will have a preschooler, toddler and infant when that time rolls around. We haven't even begun to think about what we are going to do about bedrooms, vehicle, etc for our expanding family! One day at a time...
Congratulations, Blue!!! So happy to hear that you and baby are doing well, I love the name and I can't wait to see pictures of the little guy and hear your birth story. Enjoy these precious moments with your newborn son!!!!!  YAY!!!!!
Lilac, congratulations!!!! So happy for you!!!!!!   Blue, oh.my.gosh.!!!!!!!! So exciting!!!!!!
Tear, congratulations on your big baby boy!!!! I hope the of you are resting up from the birth and enjoying getting to know one another. I hope that your fever is gone down and they found everything is okay with the placenta and all that. (Carlyle, thanks so much for the updates!)   SheSaid, sorry about your mom having to go through all that. I went through a similar thing with my dad having cancer when I was pregnant with DS (it was in his neck and had spread to...
Great thread... Sorry we are all going through this though!  My DS began having some of these challenging behaviors at 18 months, and he's 2.5 right now. Some weeks things are going pretty well, and then other times not so much. Luckily for us, the episodes don't last too long. I just can't stand it when he resorts to lashing out physically, at all, period. He does have SPD-- we knew that something was up ever since he was a baby-- I thought he was simply  being...
Come on Tear, come on baby-- you can do it!!!!  Sending lots of love and positive birthing vibes their way!  Must be hard on you Carlyle, to not be there...
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