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I will probably delete this at some point so please don't quote me but I need some help! I'm having some issues and I just can't figure out what's going on. I've had four c-sections and a tubal with my last one. During my third section I was told that my uterus was very thin and that I had a "window" in it and not to have more kids. #4 was an oops. :) I also have PCOS and I am hypothyroid. I've been on amour thyroid for 8 years. My youngest is almost two and I've had...
My 19mo pretty much only nurses once a day. She gets in bed with me first thing in the morning and nurses but it's rare that she nurses at other times. If she's really sleepy or sick she will ask to nurse maybe once in the afternoon and she's learned that my asking her to nurse at night means she has to go to bed so she's not interested then. :)   I was planning on nursing her until she's 2 but I'm really wondering if nursing only once a day makes much of a...
I'm nursing my 12mo and I'm trying to wean myself off coffee. I bought a pack of chai tea and it's good. But then I started wondering if it's safe. It does NOT have anise it in. Thoughts?
We try to follow an 80/20 rule. There are some times when it's impossible to eat perfectly and we try to do our best!
Haha-sorry about that!! That site has so much wonderful info on it. Give it a try. Her baby steps have really helped me out. No one is going to be perfect!!
Really the baby steps on kitchen stewardship are a lifesaver!! I am not worrying about fermenting or any of that yet. I am focusing on one thing at a time and I am learning a lot and jumping in with two feet. The first thing I did was get some good meat, raw milk and organic veggies. I think the first recipe I was made was crispy nuts and just a regular spaghetti with good meat and dreamfields pasta. Not perfect but BETTER. Then I roasted a chicken and made bone broth...
Love love love the baby steps on kitchenstewardship!!!
DD3 was a little on the slower side when it came to babbling but she's a big "talker" now at 11mo. I wouldn't worry!
We loved this series when it aired last year and didn't realize it was going to have seasons. We were SHOCKED when it ended so abruptly! We knew season two had already aired in the UK but we decided to wait since it would give us something to look forward to in those cold winter months! We can't wait!!!
My oldest and youngest have been pukers. Keep them upright a lot. That really helped my youngest. We did do prevacid for awhile since the puke was just neverending. She just stopped it at almost 6 months! Hang in there! It's frustrating all the way around!
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