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I would and I have. I was originally skeptical when my midwife teamed up with a male midwife, but once I got to know him, he earned my trust, and I really grew to appreciate his skills. He didn't end up attending my birth, but he provided excellent prenatal care, and was everything I could have hoped for in a care provider.
Hi all. Tired HSP here. Simply subbing at the moment. More later when recharged. Namaste
hi dianita,   in my experience, a good way to "stop" your intrusive thoughts is to cultivate an objective relationship to them. when they come, name them, i.e., this is a nervous thought i am having about my pregnancy and give yourself compassion for having it. 
  Gah! It's still happening. Sad. 
I was breastfed for 6 months, and have always felt very supported by my mom. She had a little bit of a hippie streak in her I am proud of her for defying the 70s norms.   My MIL was told by the doctor that she didn't have enough cream in her breast milk to breastfeed. I still get angry at that doctor when I think about that ridiculous diagnosis. 
At my ped's practice we nurse while the vaccine is administered. It works great, and my kid barely notices aside from a cry of surprise. Perhaps you could ask to do the same. 
I have heard amazing things about latex beds. I don't currently own one, but am considering the shift. They last forever, too!
If you have a smooth delivery, it will be a bit of a challenge to get off at the foot of the bed, but manageable. Think of it as the beginning of getting your core back. If your delivery is on the difficult side, you may need adaptations temporarily: co-sleeper on dh's side and he hands babe to you, co-sleeping, etc. You will have to adjust as the situation presents itself. Sending you smooth labor vibes!
I just requested to join. My initials are KS.
Update: my boy is now 8 weeks and happy and healthy! Thinking of you all.
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