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Hello all,   I do plan to go to my provider with this question, but is waking up 4 times a night normal in week 15 of pregnancy? Is peeing every 30-45 minutes normal? Tell me about your experiences. I think I might have a UTI -- this on top of a yeast infection. Sigh.
I am so sorry. Peace and love to you and your family as you grieve and move forward. Take good care of yourself.
Hello first-time mamas, here a link to a page that defines commonly used cloth diapering terms. I know I was getting confused about the difference between soakers and wool soakers. :) http://www.diaperjungle.com/cloth-diaper-terminology.html
I am so sorry for your loss. Thinking of you. 
Right here with you, Diana. 
Love to you. 
  One of my best friends swears by using g diapers with prefolds as the inserts. She says it is the most leak-proof combination she has come up with, and she has tried many, many combinations. The cloth g diaper has a plastic liner that really works well. I guess breathability may be an issue, depending on how sensitive your babe is. . . .   
Saw my MW yesterday. Heard the heartbeat. I managed to loose 6 pounds from the previous appointment (guess a diet of smoothies and bland foods isn't as high in calories as I imagined). I'm looking forward to having my appetite back. My blood pressure is good. DH and I hemmed and hawed over the cystic fibrosis and neural tube defect tests, without making a decision. Cervix length looks good. Seems so far so good.
Thanks. I'm feeling better today. One step at a time. Phew.
Add me to the overwhelmed train. I just started looking into day care options. Holy expensive, Batman! One all-organic option I looked into was $1,850/month!! $1,850 per month!!!! We are leaning toward an au pair, which comes with risks of its own, but at least the price is reasonable, and we might meet a new lifelong friend.   I am so confused about what I want to do about career and staying home with the kid. Some days I just want out of the rat race and other...
New Posts  All Forums: