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Hello!  I'm a little late to the thread.  Caral does take dshs I am 23 weeks pregnant just moved to seqim/PA and will have my first appointment with caral on Friday.  Did you find a midwife to work with yet?
 This thread!  I am pregnant with my fourth child and seem to be having a hard time getting enough protein in my diet.  I have been eating nuts, yogurt, cheese, almond milk, and beans way way to much!  I think my new fav snack type food combo is melon and cheese, both hard cheeses and soft are very nice.  My children seem to like the soft cheeses with nuts and fruit quite a bit.  A cored apple with nut butter or cream cheese is an easy go to snack as well.  I am also a...
Hi mama's! My family and I just moved the the area between Sequim and PA, we love it here.  But we are missing people!  Haha, I know absulutly no one here.  We have three boy's 9,4 and 2 with one on the way.  I semi crunchy and would love to meet others in the area!  
Hi mama's,my family are unintentionally going raw ") We are enjoying so many foods that are raw and as close to there natural state as possible. Any tips? I would be ever grateful for some raw cracker and bread recipes.I do a lot of sprouting so any recipes that incorporate sprouts would be wonderful. We are only about 50% now,some days more,I would like to go up to about 75%. We do raw dairy,but any eggs are still cooked. My DH and sons are lacto~ovo and I am lacto~...
Hi mamas! My DH and I have three boys,seven,three and almost five months..I am still waiting on PP AF,I am still night nursing so not sure when AF will start. I started AF at six months with my first,but nothing till the week I weaned my second when he was 18 months old..So it's up in the air as to when I will get it this time..I think I might have O'd about a week ago! Not to sure though,I had a day of weird pains as well as more fluid,kinda thick and eggish? Not sure...
Hi and welcome to to wonderful world of vegetarianism ( Had to use the dancing carrot, HAD to :) My DH and our three boys are lacto-ovo vegetarians. I am a lacto-vegetarian..The others have great suggestions. I have found lentils and brown rice to be budget friendly and really versatile,we use a lot of mushrooms. Corn flour and course ground corn meal are also really nice to have on hand ( fresh tortillas,corn bread.)  I soak then slow cook a mixture of beans once a...
Hi,I am not in tri-cities. I live in walla walla,so far I am having a really hard time finding like minded family's in our area. My hubby and I have three boys ages 7,3 and four months. We home school,eat a clean veggie diet and grow an organic garden in our back yard. We will be getting chicks soon! If you want to chat just send me a message :)
Sorry! I am typing one handed,bf at the same time. That was supposed to say "three boys,seven,three and four months.
Hi moms! I am a homeschooling, non vaxing,organic vegetarian. My DH and I have three boy seven three and four months. Looking for others in our area :)
Hi all! I am a homeschooling mom living in the great state of WA. My hubby and I have three little boys 7,3 and four months. I am a non vaxing,vegetarian,organic feeding/eating,baby wearing,home birthing,breastfeeding,gardening,sprouted bread making,mama.. I have been looking at the site for some time,and finally decided to join. I would really enjoy meeting woman that are living a gentler way of life :) Please feel free to message me!  
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