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My little one recently turned two and has been very advanced verbally and communicates very well for such a little person. We used baby sign language and still do sometimes, so I just assume that's part of the reason for the excel in verbal communication.  Recently, my little one has started stuttering at the END of a word, not the beginning. For example, LO might say, I want-t-t-t that please." It's usually with d's or t's. I haven't noticed any other endings. I'm...
I have tried no diapers too. No change, except that the training undies don't catch anything, ha. We keep the potty visible at all times, too. One in the playroom and another is in the bathroom, so it's visible even when I'm using the "big" potty. Sigh... It seems as though not many others have dealt with the challenge.
I began elimination communication with my LO around 10 months. By the time my LO was 16 months or so, we had a potty available in our living room and I also frequently took him to the potty to eliminate. Things were going great! Then, we moved. Things were still going well at 20 months and my LO even began announcing the need to eliminate, so we would go and that was that. I sold all our cloth diapers and covers. Then, after about two weeks of proclaiming the need to...
I'm selling two organic wool soaker shorties/shorts made by Tiny Bird Organic. They're a size medium. They fit my 15lb toddler with room to grow and still fit my LO at 24.5lbs, but we're potty trained now, so off they go.   *Also included are two like new snappies, one is white the other is mint green.   They're gently used, but do have a few super light stains...barely noticeable in the photos. 
That's a really sweet and thoughtful way to go about it. :) 
Wow, this is the most insight I've read about Borderline. Thank you for sharing! I've only been able to find a small bit of info online and it's mostly people sharing their experiences with relatives who have the disorder, nothing that lays out treatment or recovery options, so to speak.    No, my sibling is not an alcoholic. My father was. I used to think he was bipolar, but not I think he probably has borderline, which would partly explain why my sibling has it. My...
Okay. That's really helpful information. My sibling most definitely does not have aspbergers of any kind, as none of those symptoms are present.   Thanks!
That's the problem. I'm dealing with "serial offenders." If it was every once in a blue moon, I'd be fine. We are talking multiple times a week and I've had enough. :-/ I've said things like wait until you have children, you'll see. Being a single parent is not as easy as having a partner. You need to read about the information you're proclaiming as fact (when I know it isn't). Sounds silly that I'm frustrated because I, being the educated parent, certainly know more than...
That's normally my response. I usually get an eye roll and a dirty look, like they know better. Ha! Unfortunately, I don't see children in these individuals future anytime soon....which is what makes their advice pretty frustrating.   Thanks for your encouragement. I need to just look away before the eye roll. :)
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