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I know I'm not on here much, but I always love looking at the pictures when I do get a chance. Everyone is getting so big! I love the food pictures. Ella and Maya are loving solids. Everything we have tried, they have loved! Favourites are avocado and squash. Here are some current pictures of the girls!   Ella playing with her toy alligator.   Maya covered in avocado!   Getting a taste of love on Valentine's Day.   My two big girls sitting up...
All of the babies are getting so big! I love looking at this thread. Here are a few new pictures of my girls. First is Ella with her Dada, then both girls together, and last, Maya, all ready to go out to play in the snow in my boots and hat!    
    My babies seemed a little fussy or frustrated the past week while nursing, too. They will pull off the nipple, then go back on, sometimes fuss a little at the same time. I talked to a lactation consultant a few days ago to ask about it and she said that it's TOTALLY normal for babies to start doing that around 4 months. She said not to worry, as long as they have wet diapers and are gaining weight, it doesn't matter how long they eat and that the pulling off the...
I got mine back just shy of three months after the twins were born, and I'm nursing TWO! We feed every few hours and haven't done bottles more than twice. I haven't noticed a dip in my supply at all. I was definitely a little sad to have my period back, but in a way I was excited about it too. I did cry that day. It had been a year since I had to deal with having my period! Crazy to think that I could have had another child just a few months after having twins... CRAZY!
My girls have recently started doing the most adorable thing when we nurse: they will hold hands! it's so cute I can't stand it.  Ella is on the left, and Maya is on the right. Eee!      
How do you deal with nighttime and diaper changes for your little ones? We do a lot of EC during the day, and it's great, but at night, we'd like to sleep without having to change their diapers. Our girls are 4 months now, and sleep together on a bed on the floor just outside our room. We have been using Bum Genious pocket diapers at night. Our girls will usually go to sleep around 7pm and we nurse when they wake up around midnight, and again around 5am. We change...
Well, Ella ended up waking up about 15 minutes after I posted. :) I decided to wake up Maya after I'd nursed Ella because she was still sound asleep. She was not happy about being woken, I'm pretty sure she was asleep for the night. Now both girls have had a bath, played for a while, nursed again and are in bed for the night (hopefully). We'll see how it goes tonight! I am hoping for at least a 5 hour stretch. I am so tired.
Maya and Ella on their 4th nap of the day (usually they only take three naps) and it's approaching 5:30... They have been asleep since 3:15 or so...  I hope they don't think it's night time! Usually they go to bed at 7pm. It's so crazy how I'm so excited and happy that they are taking such a long nap, and yet at the same time, so worried about it. Geez.   Here is a picture of them napping for all to enjoy!  
I thought it would be fun to have a sleep thread. I'm curious how much sleep everyone is getting. Are your babies sleeping through the night yet? Do you still do a feeding at night? Two feeds? Our twins are almost 4 months now and sometimes they sleep well at night, and other times, not so much. Usually we get a long stretch from about 7pm-12am, then shorter stretches after they've been fed.   So! Tonight, they both went to bed at 7pm and currently are both...
We spent last week in Florida at my parents house and our babies had their first swim! They loved it!      
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