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Babywearing was great for my more cautious, wary little one.
As a teen mom, babywearing was a great way to bond with my baby and was the start of my natural parenting journey.
We see Dr. Susanna Lin at Chelsea Pediatrics in Chelsea, MI. I have never had an issue with them regarding vaccinations. Neither of my children have received any at this point. I had to sign their form (the wording altered to my liking) but even the nurses seem to be fine with it. Several have even commented on how healthy my children are. It might be a drive but it's worth it.... the staff is wonderful!
We're in the metro Detroit area and seeking Chicken Pox too! Please let us know if there are any play dates set up! Thanks, Shawna
Was this at the Jackson, MI location? We have a membership with them that is about to expire and if this happened at the Jackson Y I will not be renewing. You can send me a private message if you aren't comfortable sharing on here. You were not at fault here... be proud of yourself for speaking out!
I, too, have always been scared by the wording on the state form. I brought it home and placed a piece of paper over the part I didn't like and then I photocopied it several tmes. Now I have copies of the form without the scary wording, that I don't mind signing, that don't look much different from the originals. If you weren't comparing them, you probably wouldn't notice the difference!
Hello ladies... Things have been crazy here so I haven't been on in awhile. I agree we should try to meet up in January. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday! I hope to meet you all soon.
Hi Jen! I took my daughter to classes at the Tree of Life studio. She just took a generic dance class but they do have some fun ones. It's so beautiful there! I wanted to take the belly dancing classes but I never seem to have the time. I suppose maybe I should make some "me time" and finally do it, lol. It's nice to "meet" you!
I love the Chelsea Treehouse! It's great for when it's too cold to venture outside. Of course we live right outside Chelsea and my daughter goes to Chelsea schools so I'm partial, lol. My in-laws live just down from Cascades so I know that area pretty good as well. Either place would work great for us!
It looks like there are enough of us out here for us to have a fun get-together some time! I'd love to meet some like-minded mamas and I know my kids are always up for some new friends too!
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