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Thanks.  Any other suggestions out there?
Who has a helicopter toy that is sturdy, reasonably sized (somewhere between a softball and a basketball), is NOT remote-controlled, and is good for a 4-year-old?  I need birthday present ideas, please.  If possible, please post a link to the item.  Thanks.
Athora80, I'm sorry you and your DH aren't on the same page.  He knows you won't spank, so his "pick one" is really just an ultimatum.  And if you don't think that time outs will work, they probably won't, so that doesn't help much.     It would be helpful to have some more details about your son's behavior.  Can you give an example of the 3-5 things that happen most often.  Are we talking about safety issues (hitting, biting, running away), communication issues (not...
Maybe he's ready for an allowance?  Then at the zoo he could look at the prices and you could help him figure out how many weeks he'd have to save for whatever he wants?  My DS wanted a big stuffed giraffe for $25.  When we had a garage sale he sold 25 things, so he "earned" the money to get the giraffe.  
Can you put the clean-up before a fun part of the day?  After we clean up, it's time to go to the library/park/backyard.  As soon as we've cleaned up, it's time for snack/video/board game.  
Have you tried letting them sleep in underwear?   We used 2 of these http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0009STNG0/ref=oh_details_o06_s00_i01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 for night training.  They stayed put under the fitted sheet to add protection for the mattress.  
Maybe you could try more "I" statements.  "I'd be happy to get that if you ask me nicely."  "I'd be happy to do X as soon as your books are picked up."  
Try http://www.regmovies.com/Movies/Summer-Movie-Express There are 2 theaters in Fresno that have the kids movies.  We usually like the Disney Nature movies.
I'm going to sound like my therapist here, but here goes. You're guilting yourself with all the "should" statements.  (It's called a cognitive distortion -- google for more info.)   Try re-phrasing as "Could I . . .?"  "Could I stop cooking dinner?"  "Could I let them have an alternative?"  "Do I want to stop cooking?"  Step away from the mama-guilt.   This works in other areas of life, too, of course.  "Could I have a glass of wine now?"  "Could we go to the...
I was thinking about your post while eating dinner tonight.  DS had turkey, cheese, oranges, a slice of bread, frozen peas, lettuce, and some carrots.  I had potato-leek-white-bean-asparagus soup with bread and oranges.  I don't expect a 3-yr-old to like my soup, but I'm not going to limit what I eat because he won't try it.  His dinner took about 60 seconds to prep, since none of it involved cooking.  I enjoy cooking for me and DH.  Maybe you could cook for yourself,...
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