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Don't know if anyone is still coming through here but in case you do... I just wanted to say hi!    I can't believe my little one is almost one and I'm wondering how you all are doing.  It's been a hectic couple of months on my end.  I've found that I can just, barely, keep everything together if I spend all of my time on exactly what I'm supposed to do.  I'm an efficiency expert but that has meant no time at all for MDC!  Or for you all.    Now, we're on...
I haven't done it with kids but I definitely preferred it to flying when I lived on the eastern seaboard.  I liked that I could get up and move around, there was more room, there was a cafe car to visit, and there was scenery.  I would definitely pick it over flying with kids if I had the choice...   that said, with a 10 and 15 year old they might start to go stir crazy.  18 hours is a long time!
We're dealing with basically the same thing around here (though my DD is 5 days a week at school and has always been a terrible sleeper).  And, I've definitely been worrying about this!  The one thing we try to do that might help you is encourage DD to stay in bed a little longer in the morn.  Sometimes with some cuddles she'll doze for another 20-30 minutes.
I would add affordable cultural events/venues where children can comfortably attend (concerts in parks, museums with children's programs that are affordable, etc...)  Not about the physical environment but it's an important part of the social/community environment to me.    Some other things: -opportunities for community gardens -community reuse programs (coop stores to reuse/rehab old construction materials, old bikes, etc...) -local artist community -local...
I am also awaiting a response.
Why not? 
Thanks for the idea.  I was worried that maybe the pump wasn't going to work right since I hadn't been using it much with this babe.  Fortunately, I pumped a few other times since then and it's been fine.  Must have just been the angle. 
Thanks a lot for the info.  I think your explanation for viral/bacterial makes a lot of sense!  I always thought pink eye was only bacterial.  I started using breastmilk yesterday right after my post and her eye seems like it might be getting better instead of worse.  Mine still feels a little itchy but no real discharge, maybe we were able to nip it in the bud.  :)
I have a four year old daughter who hates when people come and interrupt what she's doing.  She is typically really concentrating on whatever she's doing and is not willing or able to break off and welcome the interruption from someone talking to her.  She is also in preschool and engages in lots of structured and unstructured socializing with a very diverse range of kids (age and abilities).  When she's out with me or DH, she's very invested in playing whatever we are...
Does anyone have any experience of information on treating an eye infection (pink eye) solely with breastmilk?  I've used that approach with DD1 for a few days one time and then ended up using rx drops for 2 days to clear up the last of it.  The baby and I both have the start of pink eye... I suspect my 4 year old does too but she's denying it.   I'm conflicted about trying to just use breastmilk v. getting a rx.  We're heading out of town on Weds so I can't really...
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