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OP - My news is not good news.  We just partially night weaned DD1 one month ago at 50 months!  And, it was totally mommy-led.  I couldn't take night nursing all night with both a kid and a baby.  Now she's only nursing to sleep and once at night.  She said she thinks she'll give it up before she's a teenager!
So, I had to be apart from my 5 month old for 6 hours today... it was longer than expected and I didn't have my pump with me.  So, when I got home and started pumping my breasts were seriously engorged!  Once I relaxed enough for milk to flow I noticed it was backing up all over the place.  Leaking out the shields onto my breasts.  I kept fixing my angle and when the angle was perfect the milk went into the tube-- but my breasts were still wet with milk.     Anyone...
I really like the newer Maya models.  I didn't love the unpadded older one I used for awhile with DD1.  With this one (bought new a few months ago) I find the fabric nice and sturdy, the padded shoulder makes it pretty comfy and I love the pocket.  The pocket might be my favorite thing-- that way I know where my keys and phone are when I run in and out of places with the babe! 
I love the Thirsties Duo wraps.  We had a ton of bummis super lite with DD1 but I like the Thirsties fit much better now that I've tried it.
The big projects DD1 and I have planned are: tie-dye silk scarves for dancing and pretend. type up a story that we play act, create illustrations and get printed as a book make cement stepping stones with rocks, gems, and miscellany embedded in them   Looking forward to getting some more ideas!
Glad you found a compromise that worked for all of you :)
I think there were a few things that my parents did when I was a child that had pretty negative repercussions for me.    One of the big things is there was no such thing as moderation-- it was either feast or famine in everything-- no sweets or gorging, we're totally broke or I'm handed $100,  In retrospect, if made me feel very insecure about asking for things and very bad at postponing gratification.  I've been working on that ever since... in my diet, my shopping...
So I was curious to see if my observations of bikinis matched what was available in stores.  I quickly checked two websites of brick and mortar stores that I know kids shop in:  Justice and Old Navy.  Of the 30 or so bikinis that Justice is selling this season only 2 had a top that wasn't a spaghetti strap or a tie top.  Of Old Navy's stock, all of the bikinis had either a tie-top or spaghetti strap. 
We use an immersion blender too especially for big batches of fruit.  We always left some chunks in to try and get DD to tolerate a wider range of textures.
  Sorry, I deleted your quote from the first part of my reply.  I don't think there is any problem with that suit either and the only reason I wouldn't let my kids wear that type is because of sun exposure.. so maybe with a million promises of reapplied sunscreen every 2 hours and a good track record I would let that one go.  BUT, that's not what most bikinis (at least around where I live) look like.  I wonder if styles like that are really still easy to find?   In stores...
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