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Ramzubo!  That pic is too cute.  I'll have to take a pic of A with her avocado and post too!
We started avocado yesterday!  Baby gobbled it up and kept reaching for the plate to try and get more.  We started with just a teaspoon worth but I think she would have eaten till she puked if we let her.  She loved it!  And then at breakfast she yelled when we all sat down to eat and there wasn't anything for her.  Yikes!  Looks like we'll be shopping for four now.   I had forgotten how very messy it is and how gross her diapers are going to get!    Funny,...
I think Hildare is right.  I was obsessed with whether or not DD1 would keep her blue eyes (to match mine) and the research I found at the time suggested that by 3-4 months they start to change away from blue if they are going to change.  DD2 has blue eyes also and I just assumed they would stay that way.  The whole thing is baffling because DH has dark brown and brown should dominate blue...  but it's looking like both girls look more like me than DH, eye color and...
I agree.  Though I also like to hear about other mamas' good ideas!
I was slow to join and post online due to luddite tendencies but once the magazine stopped I found myself coming here more often for info and finally decided to start talking... so then I joined. 
atomicrocket, blueheron, slimkins - I've had similar experiences.  So similar that I hesitated to even open this thread.  Naps have been the bane of parenting for me.  DD1 didn't take a nap off of me or DH until she was 2 1/2 and at school.  It's looking like the same pattern with DD2... she only sleeps on the breast or in a wrap.  The good news is that bedtimes end up easier this way... DD1 (4 yo) goes to bed at 7 pm without any fighting now that she dropped all naps. 
Interesting, Kaydove, about the idea that younger children are more interested in solids sooner.  That definitely fits our observations.  We are a family that sits down to meals (at least once a day and often twice).  I'm starting to feel sorry for the baby who avidly watches each bite as it enters our mouths.  I've watched her follow plate-to-bite-to-mouth over and over again.  She hasn't grabbed anything from a plate yet but we also always keep her out of reach.  So...
I was told by our pediatrician that there is also a suspected strong pattern of infants getting it from Hep B positive caregivers in those early months.  Hep B is rampant in parts if Asia.  According to the WHO, 8-10% of the adult population in China and 2-5% of the adult population in India.  When I postponed the Hep B vaccine from birth to two months he asked if DD2 would have any contact with caregivers esp from Asia during that time. 
What do you put in your spicy pickles? I love spicy and I love pickles! Yum!
And, more on the food theme but totally not baby related.  I just tried making jam and canning it for the first time.  I'm hooked.  That is the most delicious jam on earth and suddenly I can think of dozens of other things I just have to can.  Anyone else do any canning?  Anyone have any tips, advice, recipes?    So far I made strawberry rhubarb jam.  I need to make a second batch since I decided to give jars away in a fit of deliciousness inspired...
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