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I know my babe is at the earlier end of the group so this is extra early for many of you but I'm wondering what you all are thinking about starting solids.  With DD1 we did the Dr. Sears recommended approach of starting at 6 months (when she was super interested and ready) and giving one single ingredient at a time and spread out by 3-5 days.    DD2 is 4 1/2 months old and the dr. suggested that if she's interested we might try giving her solids.  Seems early but not...
Never shave my legs occasionally shave my pits.  I used to not shave my pits but it started to bug me and felt uncomfortable.  I don't know why since I didn't shave them for years but then one day the sensation of hair made me crazy.  Now I shave my pits every 10 days to 2 weeks. 
WE just use a large pot with a lid too.  The trick I learned is to put three kernels in while the oil gets hot and once the pop, put in the rest of the kernels.    I've always just used olive oil and it tastes great!
We liked lots of avocado here.  Avocado on its own, mashed with banana or carrots or beans once we added them.   We also made lots of fresh fruit or veggie purees and froze them.  I'd typically add one spice: pear & cardamom, apple and cinnamon, sweet potato and cumin, carrot and cumin.     Our other standby puree was brown rice made very mushy and some assortment of fruit purees.  Once she was eating dairy we'd mix full fat yogurt in too.  DH is really looking...
For DD1's first birthday I made her a banana cake (from the Joy of Cooking and replaced 1/2 of the white flower with wheat flower) and topped it with a blueberry frosting that was just cream cheese and frozen blueberries pureed together and used for bananas and blueberries on top of the frosting for decorating.  I also made a chocolate glazed version of the same cake and the grown-ups devoured it long before the fruit topped one was gone.    For her second birthday I...
I used the Hyland's tablets with DD1.  They helped a little-- they didn't magically make her fall asleep though :)   We also used meds when she was really in pain.  Ibuprofen worked well for the inflammation.    We're dealing with early teething here.  Tons of saliva and lots of gnawing.  Not much pain yet... but I know it's coming.
I'll definitely post pictures when I'm done.  Likely won't be for another few weeks.    Those fabric covered milk crates look like the start of a treasure chest to me!  Thanks, mumkimum.
She's sporting a baby-mullet.  Very short on top and thick fringe in the back.  DD1 was born with hair so this is making me a little crazy... though that fuzz was awfully cute!   Slimkins!  Too cute. 
Hah! We broke the squeaker by washing it in the sink.
We cleaned up!  On my nightstand is a lamp, the fourth George RR Martin book (Feast of Crows) and two cups for water at night.  On the shelf below my nightstand... chapstick, the tv and dvd remotes, a pile of books, a can of almonds from when I was pregnant and would get starving in the middle of the night.    In the two drawers of my nightstand.... more toiletries, pony tail holders, and misc than I could possibly count.  That's WHY I have drawers :)   Fun!
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