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  That's awesome!  I'm pretty sure DD1 could persuade me to do that if everything aligned.  As is, I let her have a candy after breakfast this morning.  She wanted it so badly and I just didn't mind and it was just one small hard candy...   Yeah and my current weaning encouragement strategy is bribery... when DD1 whines to nurse at a non-nursing time, DH says, "Hey, let's go have some chocolate milk."  And, I'm trying to get her to not nurse 4x a night anymore so I'm...
Here's a pic of A this past weekend.  4 months!  And getting changed in our new car.  
BTW, does anyone else read Brain, Child magazine?  I found out yesterday that they are going out of business.  I'm crushed; I actually found my eyes well up with tears!  It was an amazing magazine. 
blueheron, I love that idea.  Kaydove- if they are through the gum the worst is over!    DD is teething a ton too.  I see the white below the gum but no break through.    We were going to give her a hunk of frozen bagel or waffle but with her allergies I'm hesitant.  Maybe I read the recc for frozen bagel in a Dr. Sears book with DD1?  Seems like a good idea to me.    For my DD, so far she's pretty satisfied with her Sophie giraffe, her hand or my finger. 
Oh my these are too cute.  Hildare, love that huge smile!  And, Kaydove, she seems to know you are up to something!h  mtn.mama - she's really precious.    So, I think I'm going to suppress my privacy obsession/paranoia and post a picture of A.  Be back soon.
My first hated the car seat and screamed 100% of the time unless my breast was in her mouth.  When she turned one we bought her a bigger kid seat and turned her front facing and she still didn't like it but she stopped that constant screaming.  With this babe, she screams 75% of the time but she doesn't want to nurse in the car (which is actually better for me in the long run-- it is seriously painful to contort myself enough to make that happen!) I've been driving...
    I have a sewing machine, and know how to do basic things with it.  I'm not fond of measuring though :) but penants are totally doable.  Carboard swords & shields will be fun too!  And, DD has already been asking about a throne.  We have a two seat couch in there that I was thinking I might upholster in purple velvet!  And, a treasure chest is a must.  Thanks!   So far, here's what I'm thinking:  Painting drop clothes to create stone walls.  Use window wall to create...
I can't get enough reassurances that the worst is over with regard to the allergies so thanks for sharing more details; esp the fact there probably isn't some impending colonoscopy or something awful like that to subject my tiny babe to!   The combination thing is also really good to know.  I was baffled to see some red specks this weekend when I had been studiously avoiding citrus for awhile.  Then two days ago I absent-mindedly added some cranberry sauce (frozen from...
Hi all, our social group is up.  Visit it at:   http://www.mothering.com/community/f/17430/february-2012-ddc   In order to join please PM me or Ramzubo.
Those are great ideas!  I especially like the idea of getting a book on set design from the library as that would allow DD to plan and design with me.  And, wow those houses are cheap.  I might buy a few to create some rooms :)   Thanks! 
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