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Sharlla beautiful birthing pic! Beautiful natty dreads too. I have always loved my sets of natural loks more than the combed or chrocheted sets. But I am in agreement with Koru about the patience needed and my lack of it this time around, lol. Koru your dreads have shrunk up wonderfully over the past few months, I really hope you make it past the year mark! I'm almost never on MDC anymore but have to log in to check in here every now and then.
Hi, I am sort of new to TF. I have been into one type of fermented foods or another for a while. Right now I just dove head first into fermenting this past week since I found a copy of Nourishing Traditons cheap at a used book store! I am starting out with: kiefer kombucha fermented carrots sourdough I hope to start the following this week: ginger beer fire cider saurkraut   Aside from the fermenting I'm not sure what other pieces of wisdom I should...
Just thought I'd share that I've chosen to follow in your footsteps and am headed to Palmer Davenport, well not now but soon enough. NYCC accepted me and Sherman lost part of my application and asked if I could send it again. So after about a month of pondering I've chosen Palmer!
I used GT daves back in May to start my own scoby and had no problems until I ran out of jars to put all the new scoobies in, lol. I have moved since then and gave them away to a neighbor but am hoping to start again with another bottle of GT daves. I hope it hasn't changed over the summer! I like to mix the 'brewed' kombucha with a little ginger, or mint leaves and lavender then cork it and leave it in a dark cool shelf not the fridge.
Thanks, I figured the dollar would be a good investment.
Today was a really spendy day! Every time I hang out with my sister it is a spendy day, lol. We went shopping at a bunch of thriftstores and got unique books and toys which were all half off for the holiday. Then we went to a few stores with coupons and sales that were today instead of just tomorrow and bought a stockpile of 'essentials'. I feel kind of bad about spending so much today on things I am just going to leave on the shelf for a few months till I need them.
I just picked up a copy of Dave Ramseys book at a thrift store for $1 today. I guess I failed at the no spend challenge but hopefully it will help me learn more about how to build my credit up then just reading online has.
Now you gals are scaring me. My current set has more dreads than I have had in previous sets. I think I have about fifty right now and the most I have before was 33. They all look very consistent through the length of the dread but the dreads do not look like each other, I think that made sense.
    Okay any suggestions on how to actually start building wealth when my budget just goes a bout one hundred a month beyond  covering our expenses?
Could these be used as pull up training pants  for a two year old?
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