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I think something like http://www.ehow.com/how_6587932_homemade-rice-paper-wrapper.html would be really cool. But it would probably be difficult on a larger scale. Or are you trying to get something with nutritional information printed on it?
Does anyone successfully do this? I need to make money from home pretty badly. I  just applied to LionBridge and worked for LeapForce in the past but I'm trying to find something new to do... I only speak English and do not have a BA degree but I'm thinking I could still tutor high school students or ESL students.
I know this gal that just made the most amazing birthday cake for her daughter, it would have cost about 80 at the store she said. She made four or five practice cakes to get it right. So my idea is someone could make birthday cakes for less than the stores... It's not just cooking but a really cool art form... okay idea over:)
I hope this isn't too morbid but I always thought it would be cool to have a mortuary service where instead of cremaiting or burrying people they would turn the person into compost and put them in a container with a giant rose bush or some plant the family picks then returning the whole thing to the family to plant whereever...
Groups? Cool!
To me unjobbing is doing what I can to enjoy living to the fullest and get by financially doing those activities. Yeah sometimes I have to 'quit' and work a 9-5 for a while to make ends meet because I don't have a trust fund. I would even consider being self employed in some fields unjobbing. Like I am a CNA (nurses aid) and have worked in facilities and through home health agencies before. However if I were to work as a home health aid for private clients with whom I...
There is a part on the form that asks if you have done that type of work the previous year or intend to do it the following year. IF the answer to both is no then you are not self employed with that activity because it is not a constant career. So it might not work for all situations but it has worked for me since I have done so many random things for money, lol.
I've always ;) used the M-99 form for miscellaneous income... However on occasion I may have spent tips or donations to quickly to properly record them and have just had to guestimate the amount of tips as ten percent.
I dream of someday being a yoga instructor! Hopefully when I finish nursing school I can invest in teacher training:) But for now I would like to share a few pics of my favorite asanas! (sorry if I spell the asanas wrong)Visvamitrasana   Dwi Pada Viparita Dandasana
I think my locks look awesome in this pic so I figured I'd share:)  
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