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I have one that is rackless and just clips inside the doors. It seems really dangerous going down the freeway though! I used it on some windy mountain roads where I did not get above 55. I just think if I went much faster it would catch air!
I first moved back in with my parents last winter when my ex went from acting like an alcoholic jerk to a complete psycho, I literally had to sneak out of the house with my kids and leave everything but what I could fit in the stroller! I lived with my parents for a couple of months and my daughter loved it. Basically they did not expect me to pay rent or bills and my kids and I shared the room I stayed in in high school.  My mom has never had a job and was really happy...
GONE THANKS I no longer live close to a Fred Meyer. This is the reward coupon for using my phone number when I shopped there. I can mail it to you and I will write down my rewards number so you can use it. This expires Oct 20 and it seems silly to just throw it away.
Totally does. The wedging it loose is my biggest worry because the front of the seat just creeps over the edge of the seat instead of being flush.
I have a honda accord and no clue what type of convertible car seats I have. I got them at costco two years ago. I'm just trying to pack as much as I can for the trip so mostly duffelbags and backpacks. There is also a big dog that is taking up the front seat (she wears a seatbelt). The trunk will be stuffed with camping gear, food and water. When rear facing the edge of the car seat is flush with the edge of the seat but the back leans over the little 'floor space'...
I have a small car and want to maximize using every inch of the interior. I am wondering if having the seats rear facing or front facing results in more usable luggage room... Any suggestions. Oh and both of my kids are 2+ but rear facing right now...
ROTFL! I have a bunch of wooden dread beads somewhere. Once I get moved and find them I'll post some pics as I have way too many for one head, lol.
If you have any old tshirts the sleeves can be used as headbands. Or if there really small shirts they can be used whole as a wrap. I usually use just plain bandannas....
Hi Buddahmom! I haven't seen you on here for a while. I think it was back in the days of my alter ego before I got locked out of my old account, lol. You had some awesome phat locks!
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