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Congratulations and take it easy!! Hemmers SUCK!!
Congrats and take it easy! Welcome sweet new baby!
NAK This will be 'quick' answer, but... A white tongue is a classic 'detoxing' sign. I've done several cleanses (including Master Cleanse and Juice Fasting) and the for sure sign that you were 'toxic' is a coated tongue in a day or so of starting. It eventually goes away when you are closer to the end of the fast, but if you are really toxic, it will stick around longer. Once you start eating regular foods, your body stops 'detoxing' and it goes away really...
Sending you gentle, birthing vibes!
Carl and CONGRATULATIONS! Wonderful story! Glad it went the way you wanted...that's such a blessing! Enjoy your babymoon time with your family.
Hoping you are holding your sweetie as I type this gentle birth vibes and wishes!
Darwin Edwin!!! Whoo hoo! Enjoy your sweet little one and your babymoon!
AHHH hon! I hope he just had a mild case of whatever it was. I'm sending healing vibes!
nak...but WHOO HOOOO and congratultions!!!
http://weblife.earthlink.net/photo/P...khbpo::LO:a6g3 That link should take you to a few pictures I posted on my weblife site. Thank you for all the wonderful vibes/warm wishes! I'm in cuddle heaven...
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