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all good things to know!
I am planning my first waterbirth and was wondering if any of you had any words of wisdom to offer? I also wanted to know if I could line my birth tub with some plastic from the hardware store or if I need to buy a specific liner for my tub. I have the la bassine tub. The liners are expensive and I am just wondering how necessary they really are. If I dont use one, how can I clean out my tub easily? 
I have heard that at night time breast milk has its highest concentration of fat. It would seem to me to be an important time to nurse.
  Thanks! I think we have settled on Silas Christopher for a boy and for a girl either, Serena Ava Noel or Ava Noel or Ember Elise or Ava Elise Noel. 
Quote: Originally Posted by Czarena    My friends child is Winter - she is two but born in the summer ironically. Solari is the name my 8 year old made up for my 1 yo if he had been a she - we are reusing it as a middle name because of the Solstice :)      My daughters name is Solarus and we love it.     
I must say I absolutely love what this man has to say. I f you havent heard him speak you can listen to some of his talks here :http://http://www.altruists.org/downloads/audio/Default.asp   btw this is not an advertisement, I just wanted to share a resource with all of you :)
I'd rather feel pain then have no feeling at all. I would hate to not have control over part of my body.  Water helps with pain, whether you are in the shower or in a tub, it can help relax you and relieve some of the pain.    Also, pain is not the only feeling you have while giving birth. You also feel elation and euphoria, among other things. Birth really puts you in touch with your own primal nature, your instinctual nature. Many sensations and feelings can come...
  This is me at 22 weeks.
wow, so sorry for your loss (hugs) I had no idea you could lose a baby that far along.
Orgasmic Birth and Birth as we Know It are definately my 2 favorites.  You could see if your local library carries them!
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