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We're moving to Corvallis (well, Philomath really) from California in 3 weeks, so the doctor search begins!  Any good non-vaxing friendly docs around there?  What about a good dentist while we're at it?  Thanks!
Like me!  I've lost it 3 times this pregnancy.  Sometimes it can get dislodged while DTD or if you dilate or efface a bit.  It's just a mucus barrier.  If you lose it with your first, that can be more telling, but with later children it doesn't mean much.  I'm so sorry about your loss!  :(  I'm glad to hear this baby is doing well! 
Congrats!  She's beautiful!
I don't think Ari sounds masculine at all!  I have a good friend named Ariana who went by Ana as a kid and now goes by Ari... I think it's lovely!  :)
I'd start taking elderberry... it's been proven to be very effective against flu and flu-like sicknesses in studies.  If you take it at the onset, it will either boost your immune system enough that you won't actually come down with it OR cut the duration at least by half.  DH, DD1 and I have all been taking it preventatively this year (never have before) and as long as we don't run out, we're all completely avoiding everything so far.  This is NOT normal for us.  DH is...
I agree with MommyBecky - one wetbag is pain.  I have 3 (2 that fit 1/2 a day's diapers and one all-day size) and that's a great number for us.  I often go on two outings between washes and still have a spare to use or lose (temporarily) without having to resort to plastic bags. 
Meh... I don't worry about this stuff much.  Expiration dates are usually WAY conservative to cover the seller's butts.  I can smell if milk or meat is starting to turn or see if something has mold.  If it seems fine in look/smell/taste, then it probably is.  I'm very strict about our food usage normally, so our fridge contents get used up, not left for months, so that helps.  DH is a biologist so he'd get on my case if I was doing something unhealthy, so I guess not...
Almost all CPM's in my area have an assistant, many of them are doula trained.  My CPM used to be a doula and is more than happy to do both midwife-ing and doula-ing.  :)  Her assistant is a trained doula as well, recently starting toward her CPM training.
Same as the others... I've read some Chomsky but I wouldn't think of him automatically if I heard of a child named Noam.  But I like that... too obvious a reference and it might detract from the name bearer, you know? 
We get something like that in the US if you give birth at a hospital.  They're put together by formula companies usually though and come with formula samples and a diaper bag and magazines and stuff.  I thought it was kind of cool with my first, but frustrating/angering with my second.  Like women need more incentive to try formula!  The info is all very mainstream and what you would expect... vaccine schedules, keep your appointments, etc etc.  Plus a little...
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