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I shared this with friends. :)  
My favorite from the list is "Write a letter or pick up the phone rather than sending an email or text". I have penpals all over the USA and have been penpaling since the late 90's. Snail mail is the only form of communication I have with friends. I think it's more personal and intimate. I can truly be myself on paper and not to mention.. writing is very therapeutic.  
How do you try to find other "crunchy" parents? I'm all about finding my "tribe" for friendship, support and playdates. How would you let others know that you are "crunchy"? Would you wear a t-shirt? Would you put a sticker on your car? Would you wear a bracelet? Would you sew a patch on a handbag? What would you do to connect with other like minded moms or dads?
Hi Everyone!   I was just wondering if anyone here joined the holistic moms network. I am thinking of attending the open house meeting in Montgomery County. For the members, what are your personal experiences after joining the network?   And here's a random question: Are there coordinated playdates/meetups? I'm desperately in need of finding my "tribe".   Any info would be greatly appreciated!!   Thanks for reading =)
Hi There,   Are there any other "crunchy" moms out there with a toddler? I have a 19 month old, and am looking for play dates. It would be nice to get together with other like minded moms! We can get to know eachother here. Whatever works. :) I live in Havertown.   Veronica
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