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I know I'm kind of late on the topic here, but just wanted to mention spinningbabies as a good place to go for info about how to avoid/turn a breeched baby. I keep hearing about it in other corners of mothering.com, and our birth instructor mentioned it the other night, too. Hope it's helpful!
Chrisa - definitely! Good vibes coming your way! Wishing you peace and wonderful health no matter what happens. 
Hey mamas - thanks for sharing your experiences! To be honest, I'm kind of scared of co-sleeping. Not because of worry for the safety of the baby, but because I do NOT want my child still in bed with us years later. That's what happened to a friend of mine who did that. Her 5 year old daughter still can barely sleep on her own, and she admitted that it really took a toll on the intimacy of her marriage. So, do you have any recommendations for books/resources about how to...
Hansi - yeah, that's what I was reading the other day. You might want to check with your ped/ob or whatever. I'm planning on either taking a bf class or just getting to a LLL meeting - or maybe both - so I can get some of these questions answered!
Hi beautiful mamas,   I've been reading some other threads on this board about co-sleepers vs. side carring a crib, and it seems like the majority say that side carring is the best way to go. At this point, I'm pretty averse to co-sleeping for longer than the first few months since I'm such an insanely light sleeper, but it sounds like side carring is such a great way to bf during the night without unnecessary movement for either mama or baby. My SIL has offered to...
Good luck, indeed, Angelorum! What concert did you sing in, btw? Sounds fun! 
Pregnova - don't worry, I'm a huge bf advocate and will do everything I can do make it work. My midwife is a lactation consultant, and I have access to LLL, so I think I should be in very good hands. I'm just thinking of my SIL who tried to breastfeed and couldn't because of low milk production, so she ended up needing the bottle. Of course, she may not have had access to the same kind of resources. I'm just aware that things may not go as easily as I want to and...
Yes, welcome, Linda! I have no experience with the EBV, but I'm sorry to hear that you've been dealing with extreme fatigue that seems connected to the virus. Sending you good vibes, and hoping you find this wonderful corner of mothering.com a welcoming place. You might want to post on the larger board to see if other mamas have some advice for you. Best of luck!
Thanks, Cindy. I'll look into the website my midwife sent me. I didn't realize I could get donut cushions there, too. And thanks for the rec on a peri bottle, Springmum. Good info! 
Under - I'm so sorry about this experience with this midwifery practice. How unfortunate - and unusual, from what I understand! But I'm really glad to hear that getting away from this midwife is going to let you choose what's most comfortable for you. Hoping you find someone who's perfect for your and your husband.    Chrisa - sending good vibes that you make it full-term! 
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