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I'm so glad you all are talking about the need for a donut cushion. That never would have occurred to me! Do you have a favorite kind/brand?
I'm planning on bf exclusively for the first three months or so, and then when I need to start working again I'll have to use the pump and bottle set up. Do you all think it's safe to wait to get bottles? Or should I have that whole thing set up right from the start in case there are any problems with bf?
I'm still working out about 5x/week doing circuit training. Next week I start my really intensive teaching, so I won't be able to go to the studio for group workouts, which I'll definitely miss. But I'll continue with kettle bells and other body weight exercises at home. It would probably be a good idea to get some walking in, too, but I feel like I'm getting a fantastic combination of strength and cardio in one short session. My sense is that towards the end of the...
We're definitely planning on having a second after this baby, but I told my husband the other day that we would have to plan very carefully. No third trimester at the start of college application season again! Way too stressful, and too much income lost. It's definitely going to work out this time around, but I want to avoid this at all costs next time.   Vegan - sweet news about your friend's baby, and that she was able to have him at home. Wonderful!
Just wanted to say that I love the October moon photo, Cindy!   And Under - good luck today! Thinking of you! Keep us updated . . . 
Thank you so much, everyone, for these fantastic suggestions. I so appreciate your taking the time to share your experiences! I'm already beginning to get a sense of what it might be like, and it's giving me some great ideas about how to set things up for us ahead of time. Please, if you have more ideas/thoughts, continue to share! It's so helpful to hear what worked and what didn't so we know what to be prepared for.   Have a great night!
Hi to all you already-mamas,   I've been reading The Birth Partner, by Penny Simkin, and I'm learning so much about labor and what to expect post-partum. For those of you who already have kids, I'd love to know what you wish you'd known before you had the baby, or what you wish you'd put in place in terms of food/shopping/housecleaning, etc. My husband will be home for the first couple of weeks, but we're both going to be pretty exhausted I imagine, and I'm trying to...
Such great news about your little guy, Dandy! It's wonderful to hear how well he's doing! Thinking of you a lot and sending great vibes to you and your partner and new little one. I'm so glad to hear you got some skin to skin time with him. That's so precious!
Love your response, Icy. Thanks! But sorry you're so uncomfortable with this one . . . hope you find some relief.
  Right before our midwives' appointment this morning 26 weeks, 2 days. So, when does the hard part start? ;)
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