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I'm sorry my reply was so short, and likely unhelpful. I think it would be very difficult to have a legal battle without a lawyer. In general it's extremely tough for the father to get custody. You may have to just wait and see until the initial custody hearing. Then, go from there. If you attempt to remain as amicable as possible, you may be able to come to an agreement at the hearing. Search your area for free legal aid, you may be able to get help through Jobs and...
Get a lawyer.
How often is LO feeding? Frequency can often make up for quantity, so if LO is only consuming 1 ounce at a time, I'd try to feed every hour if 21 ounces a day is the goal. The bonus is that this will help with any supply issues, as the supply is directly linked to demand. Also, while formula may not be ideal, it can provide adequate nutrition for an infant, and supplementing may be necessary depending on your unique circumstances.
I only have one, but it will work out. You'll learn to juggle two like you learned to handle one, one day at a time, with a lot of trial and error. Good luck!
Invite other moms over. Schedule a play date at your house. In some ways it's extra work, but if you know any Moms, adding another kid into the mix changes everything, and you get mom time.
Another thought, where do diaper changes happen? Is the potty in the same place she associates changing with?
I'm not yet to this point, but could the potty chair be uncomfortable? A different potty may work better, especially if she can go with you to help pick it out. Also, you could try relocating the potty to the area she spends most her time, to cut out the race down the hall. She may be getting "performance anxiety" with the race to the potty. Or something else in the bathroom could be scaring her, or it's too cold.
My 12 month old has begun wanting things in their proper place, making sure the baby gate is shut, and following specific routines, preferring diaper changes on the same spot every time. I figured it has to do with whatever developmental phase has kept me up for weeks. I think it might be learning programs, the sequencing to events. So my LO seems to have begun to understand getting in the highchair means food, and putting on shoes means we're going outside. So right now...
In each room of the house, I've created a play area for my LO. In the kitchen she has her own drawer full of random kid kitchen stuff to play with, and every cupboard within her range contains toddler friendly items, pots, pans, bowls. Her table and chairs are in the dining room, the play kitchen nearby. She has a music nook. A dress up nook. Next to my craft area, there's stuff to climb on, and an old sewing box full of random ribbons, fabric scraps, and old spools to...
Just to note, I don't believe it was orchestrated. It just seems absurd to me that this became an issue, especially considering the specific class. It is a perfect example of some of the topics that could be covered in the coursework, or tied into real issues and concerns.
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