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I know I've read of children forgetting how to BF, so it might be tricky. I know there's some technique to it on the baby's part, the tongue and mouth have to work together. But if your 2 year old is really interested, you could let him/her try. That may be all your 2 year old wants, just to know they're not excluded or denied access to BF.
My babyland work, but I wouldn't consider them good covers. The fit isn't nearly as good as my higher quality pockets, and I'm pretty sure that they wouldn't hold up to the regular use I give my better diapers.
Personally, a Diaper Genie seems like overkill for cloth diapers. For disposables it makes sense because you just throw the whole diaper sausage link away. There's no way I would expect a diaper service to deal with diapers wrapped up like that. Have you considered looking into a wet bag with a zipper closure or a better diaper pail than the service provided? I've found that cloth diapers smell very different than disposables, especially if breastfeeding. You may be...
Zutano baby clothes fit much better than most on my LO's cloth diapered butt, though I don't have any pajamas. My DD typically just wears a t-shirt to bed.
I would try to encourage let down before putting him to the breast. I can normally do this by massaging the breast, and rubbing my nipples in a manner mimicking the way my baby would latch. You could try expressing a bit of milk and rubbing on nipples, so that LO will be able to smell it. I would also get rid of the paci and bottle, which are likely causing some nipple confusion. I'd then spend some time topless, skin to skin with baby, doing nothing but relaxing and...
If you qualify, I know WIC in some areas will give or loan breast pumps, or if you have a local breastfeeding support group, you might want to try contacting them.
It's easy to see that my 8 month old DD enjoys other children. We don't do regular playdates, but a friend of mine has a 10 month old DS. DD is delighted to play near him. At the park last week, they crawled around together investigating the world. My DD kept holding onto his shirt to keep him near. I don't think formal playdates are needed, but I do like DD to get a chance to interact with people of all ages.
My babe was born December 30, and for the first week or two, most people who held her washed their hands, or used sanitizer. I was not terribly concerned, as she is EBF, but most visitors took it upon themselves to wash up for baby holding. And if folks were obviously sick they tended to keep away. I ended up with a cold when she was a couple months old, miserable for me, but she stayed healthy. She is now 6 months old and hasn't suffered any real sickness. Maybe had a...
I care for a 92 year old woman. I have to help her use the restroom, and wash up. In that situation Vagina doesn't feel like the right word to use either. I typically hand her a wet washcloth and tell her to wipe her crotch, then I tell her to make sure she's steady so that I can wipe her butt for her. I've used Vagina before, but she is more comfortable with crotch. Her and her family use Yoni to refer to the vagina when talking about it with the children in the family....
On the back porch.
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