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If you're looking to recover from all your symptoms, that could take awhile. If you just want to make sure you're comfortable enough to party and have a good time, you should be fine immediately if the removal is easy (other than some slight tenderness and cramping, which will leave quickly). If the removal isn't easy, then it could take a few days to get over the aches and pains.
Hi Megan, sorry but for many reasons (including moving to a new state) I never finished this chart.
There is this FB group as well. The owner has een actively working with lawyers to get a class action lawsuit started. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Paragard-Dont-GET-ONE-Women-helping-women-to-be-informed/183953164966198
We are elated to announce that Delegate Ariana Kelly has introduced House Bill 1202 –Health Occupations – Certified Professional Midwives – Pilot Program. This bill represents years of hard work and looks to have a good chance of passing! Do you have a few minutes to help us make sure it does? Would you be willing to share this petition link with your friends and family via email and social media? Our hope is to get 1000 more signatures by the time of the hearing on...
Ladies, the founder of the FB page will be meeting with an attorney next week to discuss a class action lawsuit.  The bigger the numbers of unsatisfied customers, the better our chances are so if you aren't a member of the page please go join!  She is asking that names, addresses, emails, contact #'s, and symptoms be sent to her email address.  Info will not be shared with anyone except the...
Mommy2225, I have some natural remedies for UTI's, if you're interested.  It's how I dealt with my last one and how I've dealt with yeast infections. For anyone that needs to choose a different birth control and is interested in Fertility Awareness, let me know and I'd be happy to talk with you about it. 
Pamela, did you get pregnant with an IUD in place?
Julie, This is my previous post about detoxing. Hope it helps. For those looking for detox info, this might be helpful. (Note: I haven't used this, an online friend posted it after a discussion on our group about lead removal). Reasonably-priced mineral analysis. Checks for mineral imbalances in your body & detects heavy metals. They recommend specific supplements to correct each individual's imbalances--based on the lab...
I'm pretty sure I had thyroid issues, so my cycle is still not back to normal. I went from having 19 day cycles to 28 and now 32. But, my morning temps are rising (not as a sign of fertility, they're getting higher on average) so I think things are straightening out. Plus, I'm exercising again and better able to control my temper and having fewer reasons to have to control my temper (kids still do crazy things, but I can handle it better).
Does it have to be Oregon?  We're enjoying Idaho Falls, and there are Montessori's on every corner, it seems like.  There's even one that is a charter school, so there is no tuition!  After that, there is an amazing charter school opening up next yr that reminds me of Montessori.  It will be 6-12th grade, and is a perfect segue from Montessori.
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