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What? Wait... you're doing- what?
Guess what I'm having for breakfast this morning? ...It rhymes with "hoppers."
OP, since you had a HBAC last time, I'm going to go ahead and assume you're well educated on all the risks/benefits of an epidural, and that your choice is a good one.
Okay, this is horrible, and it's a good thing I have no way to obtain this. I really want ... institutional chicken nuggets. Like, the kind we would buy at school lunches when nugget were first gaining popularity. The breading was never crispy, but something about the the texture and flavor of those is calling to me very strongly right now. I imagine this won't have the popper effect on the rest of the DDC.   I should mention that my breakfast this morning is...
I don't recommend everyone do what I'm planning, but here it is. We still have our drop-side from DD1, and it's very sturdy and we've had no problems with it. I plan on keeping a careful eye on the hardware, and using it for this baby along with a monitor. At 4'11", I'm very reluctant to give up the drop-side. The mattress on the floor thing won't work for us, and I'm not a full-time cosleeper.
I did a med-free birth for my first, and with my second, I hope to do it the same way. Honestly, I think I'd be going with the epidural if there'd been a slightly shorter period between pregnancies. I clearly remember how shellshocked I was by the difficulty of my first labor, but the vividness of the pain has dimmed a great deal.
After pushing for three and a half hours with my daughter, there was a band of tissue that simply would not give. I was exhausted, and had hit a wall. When the doctor said the word episiotomy, I freaked out for a moment, and then I was like, "just do whatever you have to do." my doula and midwife were supportive of the decision, and the dr made the cut. My daughter arrived immediately afterward. It was a very small cut, and healed exceptionally well. The worst part of my...
I plan on having a doula. We're doing a hospital/birth center birth, and I wouldn't feel comfortable without one. I have to find somebody I connect with, though. We used someone last time, and she did a really great job at the birth, but I'd like to have someone who doesn't push homeopathy or encourage me to pray during labor.
Hi- tentatively putting my toe in here even though I haven't been to MDC in ages. Suzy from Metro Detroit EDD 7/1 (dd came two weeks early, so we'll see how that goes) Baby #2, we ttc for 2.5 years with #1, and over a year with this one. Provided all goes well with this pregnancy, this will be our last child.
Google "conflict shock" and the first link is to Dr. Hamer (of "the Jews are hiding the secret cure for cancer!" fame).
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