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We're in the thrifty plan for our family of 4 (soon-to-be five), and that includes things like cleaning supplies and toiletries.  We don't buy organic unless there is a sale.
I hold to a rigid, but adaptable schedule.  Honestly, that's because I have twins who need the same things at the same time.  My husband was deployed for a year.  Now his schedule requires that he be gone 6 months consecutively out of every year.  We make it a point to talk twice a day on Skype.  We have twins so we rotate which baby talks to Daddy when....like one when he calls when he wakes up then the other when he calls before he goes to bed.  We take a picture of...
The day before I delivered, they were both vertex/vertex...then BAM! Both footling breech.  I had an emergency c-section because we knew one had a unilaterally enlarged ventricle.
LOVE it!
I have 13 month old 31-weekers.  They had typical preemie issues at birth (lung prematurity, enlarged ventricles, brain bleeds).  They have gross motor delays and are between 60-70% of their corrected age.  Language development is at 90-100% of chronological age....so technically they are ahead.  Yeah, they may have some delays, but they're doing great!  They are growing so well and know several words and signs and can use them in perfect context.  They connect me...
I'm still completely in denial...I am monitored pretty frequently since I have previously had a gastric bypass and they have had problems finding the hearbeat with a doppler.  ?If I didn't see this baby all those times, I would just think I was gaining some weight
i have them on the regular vut i am beyond severe anemic.  have you had your iron levels checked (particularly ferritin and an H & H)?  It could help to rule out iron deficiency anemia.
I CD twin girls and plan on CD'ing baby 3 when she arrives in Oct.  I have a strange array in my stash.  Lots of perfect size Fuzzi Bunz, flats, prefolds.  Covers of all shapes and sizes....Mommy's Touch OS, GenY Universal, Flip, Kissaluvs Marvels OS, Thirsties, swaddlebees and I think a couple Blueberry Coveralls.  They rotate on a not so regular basis.  The only ones that we've liked throughout our course of CD'ing were the Mommy's Touch OS with the aplix...
I'm attempting to teach myself how to knit for this one.  if there's any hope, i will be done a blankie by the time baby girl arrives :)
another GIRL for us :)
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