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I would love to see an article on homeschooling children of various ages and managing our day to day schedule. Thank you!
We grown and preserve our own vegetables, use cloth diapers and wipes and greet our neighbors by name! We love the idea of cleaning the house in ten minute bursts and creating a sanctuary spot!
We are choosing to homeschool because we want to ensure that our children are exposed to a variety of subjects utilizing whatever techniques work best for their learning style.
“I have signed up for the Newsletter, am following Lunapads on Twitter and/or Facebook, and am ready to take the Lunapads  Challenge!”    
I don't get maternity pay as I work for a small company that does not offer it. I put away money to cover the bills I typically cover to hopefully get us through me being off work. Also, I have all of our daughter's clothes and cloth diapers to use for this little girl. We don't yet have a crib, but I am not too worried about it as we co-sleep and have a cradle and pack n play. Everything else that we needed we purchased from friends, consignment stores or yard sales....
Hi Peggy! I have heard lots of different ideas and opinions on natural induction methods and I am wondering what you consider to be the best methods and why? Thank you!
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