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We patch clothing and fix toys... use cloth everything... make art and music together
I wore my 26 month old everyday in my ergo front carry while pregnant....  The day before I gave birth to my 2nd...  my toddler and I were at the pumpkin patch and grocery store...  breastfeeding while babywearing.  I only had a four hour labor.  I owe it all to babywearing!!
best cleaning tip would be to use natural products such as baking soda and vinegar.  I will be going through my closet and donating some clothing and items that serve no purpose to us.  
I love baby wearing because it keeps my son close to me, we can breastfeed on demand and keep up with toddler brother.  Sometimes he baby wears to calm down and fall alseep.  Great for grocery shopping... we do not own a stroller.
I like both mothering & gaia on fb
Would love this for our medicine chest
flax seeds & chia seeds are amazing!!    Family yoga is a great healthy tip!!
completed both 1 & 2 missanneperry at gmail dot com  
completed both 1 & 2 missanneperry at gmail dot com  
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