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Dropping in to relate.   Hey there Cedar! (:   I'm exactly the same. I have so many people wanting to see V. And I just have no desire to do anything or really go anywhere. I'm content. And V is also super clingy and loves to be held so my left arm..well left side for that matter is so sore. She used to not mind the car seat and now it's like she can't stand the fact she can't see me. It's horrendous for the first 10 minutes of the ride. She does like the...
The hard part is finding a therapist. Looked up the book, is it this one? http://www.amazon.com/Operating-Instructions-Journal-Sons-First/dp/1400079098/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1331002972&sr=1-1
I appreciate the advice. I really do, I feel like at this point..no matter what nothing helps.   I realize it's his loss..hell I did everything. How come he couldn't appreciate that? I'm so saddened. I think I'll be scheduling an appointment with a therapist. I believe this is partly post partum depression. I was doing fine and now I feel like I hit a brick wall. Every one I talk to in my life doesn't have any real advice as they've never been in this situation...
I have that problem. I exclusively pump so I use my hands a lot to do breast compressions and hold the baby quite often so my hands HURT while pumping.
Oh Element..sorry to hear about your bum ): I only have experience with the 'roids. Would Tucks help with your issue?
Oh my Lord~!! All these cute babies!!
Add me to the disappointed list..I gained +/- 60 lbs and lost about 25 within a week but still need to lose 40 to get back to my prebaby weight. I'm so discouraged. I lost 65 lbs right before getting pregnant..now I have to do it all over again. ): Now I'm left with even wider (and fatter hips), a big ole stretched out belly pooch, and hella fat thighs. Oh..and a cute baby. I look real marketable for the dating scene when I'm ready *sarcasm*   I'm in the market for...
ok ok..I'm done (: I think
(: She loves being in her carrier..until she falls asleep 5 minutes later!
Alright my single mamas!   Here it is in a nutshell:   Met baby daddy in October 2010 in PA (I'm from OH he's form NC) we were both working on the same job. He lived in NC, I was living in PA had moved from OH in June 2010...   We hit it off, whirlwind relationship. Job was up, so in March 2011 we both left PA and I moved to NC to be with him.   Things became pretty sour (very long story here..). Alcoholism, lying, cheating, abuse, and likely drug...
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