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Quote: Originally Posted by thismama Pull out method is supposed to be very effective if done correctly (I can't remember what exactly 'correctly' is, but I know there is a way to do it right!). Ah, yes, I am thinking that I must have missed that class. Meanwhile, I would like to point out exihibit "A." She would be the smiling face on the right, underneath my screen-name. :
Quote: Originally Posted by Natural Mommy*J Hi mighty-mama. . . I'm so sorry that your mom is like that. You deserve better, and so did your sister. I often think of you, Kundalini-Mama and her family. You're all still in my thoughts and prayers. Kundalini-Mama :
Good for you, Dreaming. Personally, I think that if it's more hurtful for you to have someone in your life than it is to have them not in your life, then you're better off letting them go. When I was 17, I ran away from home & cut off both of my parents. After about a year, my dad & I reconnected after he came to me & apologized for a lot of stuff. My mom never did bother to apologize, but through other family members, we managed to reconnect & stay in...
Good for you & your family!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by ~gilli~ I get that all the time, and it is rude, rude, rude! Now when people ask me where my kids came from I tell them my uterus!
Gorgeous girl. Interesting points made in this conversation. As a multi-ethnic person, I grew up being asked what "nationality" I am. Constantly. For a long time it never bothered me. And then for a long time it bothered me a lot. There are people who ask out of honest curiosity. And others who ask out of a need to "classify" aka stereotype. I don't mind the curious, but I do mind the ones who have an agenda. Sometimes it's hard to tell the two apart. And...
Good for you for confronting the parent of the biters! It's too bad that she didn't feel like she was contributing to her twins' biting behavior. I am surprised that the daycare let you know who the biters were. When my dd1 was in daycare... and got bit 12 times in 3 months!... they would not tell me who the biter was. I ended up pulling my dd because the center was not doing enough to keep the biter(s?) away from my dd.
Quote: Originally Posted by candyapplez So DH and I came to an agreement today. He picks first name I get intact son. His name will be Bryson known as Bryce. I told him everyone will know his name but VERY FEW people will know he's intact. I'm so glad to have this settled and I confirmed with him that I could post this. I'm so glad that you've resolved this & that you're both happy with your decision!
Sounds like the guy is kind of doing you a favor? If so, I'd try to let it go. Since he wasn't planning to rent the place, I can see where he might just want to keep a few things there. Of course, I can see why you're peeved, too. Once you've moved in, if you find that space is really tight, then you might let him know & ask him super sweetly if he could possibly free up that closet space for you. Good luck!
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