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Quote: Originally Posted by olliepop I doubt they will even be able to keep it private b/c a lot of it is knee jerk reactions to whatever their children do. Not all of it is "spanking," it's also pops in the head, shoves, gripping and grabbing, as well as language. Right now they live out of state and in the past, my dd was too young to realize what was happening. I will definitely try to keep our exposure to them minimal. Also, they aren't very...
And let's not forget how beautiful a Mei Tei is. And you can get them to match the seasons &/or your mood &/or your favorite outfits. Not to mention that you can always have a custom made silk panel one-of-a-kind MT made... try that with a Bjorn! Finally, I love that I can help support a wahm or small business instead of a big corporation and still get a better product for the same or comparable price.
Quote: Originally Posted by wife&mommy It looks great, I'm jealous! :
Glad that she took it. I'd be : too that she took it for the teacher, tho! But mine tend to be better behaved for others, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by StellasMommy My b-day is 12/21...SUCKS. I have one and only one b-day memory from childhood. It was always a combined thing. So, what did I do as an adult? I got married on 12/20...: I still don't know what I was thinking with that. The good news is that dh never forgets the dates AND he knows that 'combo-gifts' are not allowed (unless it's a guitar, which has happened twice ) LOL @ your anniversary! Mine is 12/31!
My birthday is 12/25. I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I do get pretty tired of people asking me if I hate it... I never have. My family has always celebrated my birthday on my birthday. One Christmas, my dad threw me a birthday party (I think I was in my late 20's) & 2 other people there were also celebrating their birthday! I thought that was sooo cool! One Christmas tradition that our family always had when I was a kid, was to go to all of the elders' homes to...
: I'm loving this thread! I'm a multi-ethnic woman married to a caucasian man. Toronto is looking very cool to me, altho, tbh, Quebec has always appealed to me more. However, dh would never move north of the border. I live on Cape Cod where it's pretty laid back, but it's not big on diversity. And no public transportation to speak of. But parts are pretty darn crunchy! And while I've never actually lived there, I've got family (on both sides ) who live in...
I don't know if this link will work for you, so if not, you could try to search ebay. http://search.ebay.com/search/search...ock&category0=
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