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Quote: Originally Posted by melissel 1) Because my DD is very social, and would be bored out of her gourd at home all the time. 2) I never developed any hobbies or special skills in life, because my parents never thought classes of any kind were necessary (or maybe they were waiting for me to ask? but I never had any kind of exposure, so I didn't know what to ask for!), and I really wish I had. Basically, I read or watch TV. I want my DDs to be a...
I know how you feel about going back to disposible, but if you're camping in a tent, that's probably what I'd do. Maybe cloth would be ok, but without having easy access to a sink, I'd not want to use the diva. Plus, I don't know if you've used the diva yet, but some women find that it slides down & can be uncomfortable while you're active. I'm not sure that I'd want to find that out in the middle of a hike! Have a great trip!
Quote: Originally Posted by monkaha Hi to all the newbies to the thread! : I just found out that the comm college I was planning to bridge thru (from LPN to ADN) only accepts 9 LPN's to the program every year. Yikes! Do they usually count experience for anything? My grades are all ok, A's and B's mostly, but the occasional C. But I've been an LPN for 7.5 years. That should help, right? Off to search the other CC's in the area for bridge...
I only got 11 right. Oh well, I always knew that I was a sap!
IME, I think it does make them feel as if they need to watch you more closely & question your kids more. Almost like they feel like they're the only "official" people watching out for your kid. It really : me, but enough to try to hunt down a ped who will claim to not have a problem with it. I figure it's kind of like bfing...most peds insist that it is best for babies, yada yada yada, but then every time that you go there they want to know how many ounces you're...
Beautiful video, Kathryn. So cool to see Lily holding up her head!
I might get some stuff picked up in that time, but clean... no way! Hats off to you!
Can you find some land in between the foothills & the burbs that you might be able to swing with a decent downpayment? I've got no idea of prices, but is there land somewhere for $20,000? With 30% of that for a down, maybe you could do a no-doc loan on your own. Park your rv, make it liveable & with whatever income you manage, start building that cob house. The place you just went to sounds unreasonable, glad that you're not considering it. Good luck!
Quote: Originally Posted by iamthesmilingone I didn't read any responses but I'm guessing it's for a number of reasons. ~can't relate to situation ~someone already said what they wanted to and : gets old ~only clicked due to curiousity (ei, multiples board) ~no time to say what you want and you don't want to flub it up ~can't figure out what the poster is looking for in a response ~too long to read (pargraphs are a good thing ) ~don't want to be...
I'm crossing my fingers that your brother gets back with his family soon. Blessings to you all.
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