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Quote: Originally Posted by Moonprysm And all this time, I thought it was some sicko. : The words I have for you, I can't say here. My thoughts exactly. Wow. Attachment parenting and gentle discipline are concepts that begin & end with children, I guess. Too bad that they don't necessarily translate into compassion for adults.
Quote: Originally Posted by race_kelly Actually this is exactly the way I've always pictured Hello Kitty. http://www.crystalinks.com/bast.html I happen to know HK irl & I am SHOCKED at how closely this picture resembles her!!!!: I do have to say, tho, that most of the time she does manage to cover up her right breast!
Hurray for Hello Kitty!!!!!!!!! This goes to show that if you work hard, stay away from jello, kiss butt, start your own fan club, promote yourself a lot, wear a red ribbon in your hair, kiss butt, distribute lots of vodka, promote yourself a lot, start a recovery program for your fan club, kiss more butt, come up with catchy siggys & promote yourself a bit more, you can indeed become a GA!!!!!!
My internet connection is free, so I guess I can afford that. I do think that people with kids shouldn't have the internet... well, maybe for 3 hours a day, from 8-11pm only. Where's the "Other" option????
Quote: Originally Posted by lalaland42 Really? I blame the person who took the little girl. I met a French woman in Thailand who had a DD about that age. She would leave her asleep in the hotel room and go down to the bar/restaurant for a bite. -They didn't have room service. It was pre-my-DD so I asked nicely about if her DD woke up and she said it was completely normal and not a big deal. I would not be comfortable with it though. I am heartsick...
Quote: Originally Posted by mandib50 ... i was disappointed that gabby stuck around with victor. i understand him being mad about the whole parking ticket thing but the way he talked to her and treated her was emotionally abusive in my mind. i bet next season you see it coming out more. .... Yeah. I love John Slattery, the actor that plays Victor, but this show reminded me of his stint on Sex & The City. He played a politico then, too & he...
I checked with the Merry Maids manager after reading the lastest postings on this thread. She said that they carry plenty of rags & that different colored rags are for different surfaces. They even use dipes for the floors! I shall be watching them closely when they get here on Friday. Watching & trying not to dance with happiness while they clean my toilets!!!
We've got the first 3: K, 1 & 2. I've flipped thru it & dd1 likes to read them sometimes; she's actually been asking me for 3rd grade. We don't use it as curriculum at all, but you can usually pick one up on ebay for $5. If your library has them, check them out. Either you like them or you don't... it's not like they're bad for you or your kids, so, not much lost.
Wow! I'm really surprised at the number of people who don't see anything wrong with talking on the phone while they are being checked out or in a restaurant. I wonder if it's a generational thing? Hmmm... maybe I'll start my first poll!:
Quote: Originally Posted by Camellia ... I do think Derek should have wooped some ass on Meredith's dad. If my dad slapped me in front of my husband, he wouldn't get away with it - dead wife or no. Yeah, what was up with that? He just stood there & didn't say a word, even after Meredith left. I loved the scenes w/Christina & Callie... too funny! I am so glad that the talking elevator was resolved... that was really beginning to bug...
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