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I've been told that I must post on this thread by a good friend of mine.: I just won a year's free housecleaning on the radio! I get to have 2 merry maids for one hour every other week!!! I havent' made my first appointment yet, 'cause I need to clean my house before I can let someone come over to clean it! I will be sure to post again on the thread to let y'all know how it goes!:
I'm envious of women who seem to have supportive, loving relationships with their co-parent. And women whose partners actually do co-parent. I'm envious of thin fashionable mothers. I'm envious of people with high energy, who are always doing something, some days it's all I can do to get dressed & feed my kids. I'm envious of people who grew up in loving, non-dysfunctional homes with 2 loving non-abusive parents. I hear that's only about 15% of the population...
Quote: Originally Posted by muttix2 Warning :: Spoiler Ahead! Highlight to read message!I don't know the "right" way to do it but I use the quote tags and change the word QUOTE to SPOILER on both parts and it works. Make sure there aren't any spaced between the spoiler tag on the first and last letter of the spoilers. Ah... So it does FYI: While it does block it in the thread, it doesn't block it in email notifications.
I think that all of the acting on this show is really exceptional. That's one of the reasons that it's so great, even when the storylines are unbelievable or unlikeable, the acting is so awesome that you can't stop watching. I agree that Dereck is really annoying these days. We were totally led to think that he's feeling like she's cost him the chief's job & then he starts in again about her not swimming. Haven't they dealt with that already? And I think it's pretty...
I swear by the same thing that my grandmother did: vaseline. It may be gross, but it really works!
Quote: Originally Posted by kewb It took me awhile to get past that, too. See, now if you ladies had been Everwood fans, you would have had an opportunity to purge that memory when she played an HIV+doctor who was romancing Andy!
Quote: Originally Posted by kennedy444 I'm not sure. But he was in the series Homefront, Ed, and Sex in the City. He's been in some movies too and lots of theatre. KIM! I thought I was the only one who remembers... and sadly misses... Homefront! That was the best show. And I"ve loved John Slattery, Kelly Rutherford & my fav, Kyle Chandler, from there ever since. Woo Hoo for Homefront alums!!!:
Quote: Originally Posted by kama'aina mama ... And when I had a partner it made me so angry when I would make plans, go out, have a good time and come home to a icy, resentful reception. Ahhh, yes, I know those types of receptions.: OP: To me, the bottom line is that it is upsetting *to you*. In a good relationship, that is important. As others have said, it sounds like the two of you need to clarify exactly what you each are saying...
What an awful situation. You've gotten some great advise here. I'm not normally on this forum... saw this via new posts... I just wanted to say that I totally think that your reactions are right on. Take good care.
I'm not sure about the postage rate for a bag of beach sand... EEK! I think the prize should be a cute little "troll" mini bag from http://www.beachplumkids.com/
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