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Eats on Feets Florida has some generous donors.  Visit their page https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Eats-On-Feets-Florida/177279742324059 and look for an offer in your area, and if you don't see anyone, just post on their wall.  Best wishes for finding an ongoing donor! 
Thanks!  I really appreciate that link :)
Does anyone know of a Naturopathic-type Dr. in South Florida?  Googling has gotten me no where since Florida doesn't license Natutopaths, but I am hoping maybe someone would know of an Dr. who was trained in Naturopathy. 
We'd be interested too!!!
The Keys!  We moved here 6 months ago and love it!  It's like another world.  It's super laid-back and the people are really friendly.  It's very small town like, almost like living in the country but with the conveniences of everything you need (although not always everything you want, but we have Amazon for that!)  We have a small, but great, homeschool group with a mix of secular and religious homeschoolers... but like everything else in the Keys it doesn't...
New Posts  All Forums: