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I believe conceptual math is the term you are looking for.
I use the CK sequence. I actually found a used copy of the monthly planner since I found that much more easier to navigate/tinker with than the day by day. So far so good and I find I'm getting a lot done in our week. ETA. I also use the free lesson plans that they (CK), the Baltimore school, and the Colorado place put online. There is also a CK homeschool group located at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ckhomeschoolers/
Quote: Originally Posted by hotmamacita That is really unfortunate. Does anyone know if Scripps Spelling Bees exclude homeschoolers as well? they include homeschoolers
Quote: 2) There are people saying that homeschoolers have an unfair advantage because they can pull from a larger geographic area. The above leaves me . What about private schools and magnet schools who pull from a larger geographic area. This was something we wanted to do as a group at our co-op and I am really .
First congratulations! Don't stress because in the end I am sure your family will do fine. How old will everyone be when you deliver? I would see what things your older kids can do independently. I would probably pull out my planner and plug in all independent work in there. Then anything that can be done in a group setting, then divide up any work that needs your supervision or instruction. Do you school full time (sorry I don't remember)? Then I would...
http://www.librarything.com/ It is way to catalog all your books online.
I second Library thing.
You file a Notice of Intent by August 15, you file your evidence of progress must be submitted by August 1. http://www.vahomeschoolers.org/ and http://www.heav.org/index1.html ETA: Also try YahooGroups for VAEclecticHS and Ashburn Sterling Homeschoolers.
The books that are on amazon.com are different from the singapore math books I have at home. I would check out the Intensive Practice books instead of the regular 1A books and then move to the 1B books.
When we used this, we did 2x per week for about 60 minutes. This include read alouds and any activities we had planned.
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