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My baby shower is going to be a no gifts shower, and I'm actually delighted. We're all going to tie a baby quilt (I picked out the fabric), have some yummy food, and just celebrate the new baby (#3). I wanted to do a blessingway this time, but my MIL insisted on throwing my a shower, so I cancelled the blessingway my friend was planning. Because of food allergies, frozen meals are just way to hard, and because it's my third, we've already got plenty of stuff. I'm actually...
I'm been trying to find some good stuff on Spotify. Last time I liked having music for the most part, but towards the end any crescendos in the music were really irritating.
I'm one of those people who carries the bare minimum. I hate being weighed down by a bunch of stuff. I cloth diaper, but I'm totally okay with using disposables while we're out and about. I I don't even carry a diaper bag most of the time. I've found that if I keep a couple disposables, a small package of wipes, and a wet bag in my small purse, I'm fine. I have a diaper bag I can throw food and a change of clothes into if we're going to be gone for more than a couple of...
I'm hoping to have everything major taken care of before I hit 37 weeks, and then after that I get to just take care of my daily house upkeep and meals, and take it easy. Last time I stopped working at 38 weeks (permanently), and I loved having the time to just nap, chill, nest, and mentally prepare. I'm not sure how I'll do it this time with a toddler (my other is in school most of the day), but hopefully I still get some good rest time.
I like my appointments too. Aside from the peeing in a cup and blood pressure thing, it's basically just hanging out with old friends talking about my baby. What's not to love about that!
My dh and oldest dd think I've gone crazy. I've taken care of over a page of tasks already, but I still have a lot of work to do... To Docall dentist about tongue-tie inforefresh memory on spinning babies stuffoil the front porchclean-up back yardmake a cover for outdoor couchfinish building the boxes for the freezerdeclutter the bookshelfput all first aid stuff togethercrochet baby blanketmake two gownsput together birth kit (hot pack, ice pack, altoids, heating pad, lip...
That is a lot of diapers to be toting around. How often do you think you'll be out for an entire day? Do you think you could leave some in the car? If it's not going to be something you do very often, then maybe just a regular backpack would work.
I have a bit of a vomiting phobia, so this was a huge deal for me (I went 25 years without puking until last summer, uggg, that was bad). For my last birth I got some little acupuncture tacks to put in my wrists and I also prepared myself with the hypnobabies nausea track. I had some super mild nausea, but I got on top of it immediately, and it never got bad. I also had some oranges on hand and altoids, but I didn't need them. I didn't have anyone near me during that part,...
 You'll most likely need on that looks like this one. http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/151120550804?lpid=82 (high shank) Jo-anns might have one, but they might not. You never know with them.  Take a couple of coupons with you just in case though. Old sewing machines are awesome. Mine was made during the 60's, and it's pretty much indestructible. I'm going to be making another wrap pretty soon (after Easter). I can take some photos while I'm making if you need me to.
Yesterday I just happened to get a random thank-you amazon gift card, so I decided to get the more expensive of the two pouch fillers. But then after I bought it, I regretted the purchase and cancelled my order and got the other one instead.
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