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This Wednesday is Meet the Doulas Night in LA.  We will also be discussing the various childbirth education classes available in the LA area and how parents can choose which is best for them.  Also, the author Jane Stockley will be meeting parents and signing her handbook for new parents, "Better Baby Sleep."   Email MeetTheDoulas@gmail.com for more info or to register.  Hope to see you there! 
We rescued a 5 month old puppy a week and a half ago.  She looks like a flat coated retriever mix.  She's a sweetheart except for her behavior around our cats.  She is completely obsessed with them and basically charges them every chance she gets.  We have a 1-bedroom home so the first few days I kept the cats in the bedroom, and then felt guilty and started attaching her leash to the couch and letting the cats roam the house freely.  She will just repeatedly jump at...
I have a very sweet male cat who is semi-feral.  He has really come a long way in terms of being comfortable with us, but prefers to be outside.  However, he has a severe flea allergy and really needs to be indoor always.  I used to let him go hang out on the back patio for a couple hours a day, but he would always get reinfested.  He has been inside now for about 2 months straight and is getting very depressed.  I actually brought in his sister as well because she has...
Hi there.  I'm sorry about the trouble you're having.  Having a pet that isn't a good fit can be stressful.  I really wish I had a great answer for you, but I do cat rescue and even have trouble finding homes for my adorable 8 week old kittens.  I would say just try to be patient; think of rehoming as a goal but you want to keep this cat's best interests at heart and really take the time to find a good fit.  Ads at vet offices, pet stores, schools, etc. can sometimes...
That's great that you have a good relationship with your care provider, though I understand your hesitations with the hospital setting.  It's an overwhelming decision!  I'm a childbirth educator and, though I'm somewhat new to LA, I would be happy to help with any specific questions you might have.  :)
Yes!  Please email meetthedoulas@gmail.com for info.  Thanks!
Hi Shell, congratulations! It can be overwhelming making decisions about your birth place.  It sounds like you might have already spoken to some midwives--have you checked to see if any offer a discount or special payment plan?  It isn't cheap but for those committed to homebirth who find creative ways to make it happen, it can be well worth it. Do you have a choice of hospitals if you are considering the hospital route?
Hi all, I have been a childbirth educator for 5 years and I'm hoping to become a midwife someday.  I was talking with a friend who has been a midwife for several years, and she still attends births as an assistant because she doesn't feel ready to attend as a solo midwife.  I'm just curious about the experience of other midwives--how soon after officially becoming a midwife did you feel comfortable attending births on your own? Thanks :)
The Gentle Barn and also Animal Acres.  :)
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