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Versuch's mal hiermit: http://www.sendungverpasst.de Deutsche Fernsehsendungen online (allerdings nur aktuelles...die meisten verschwinden nach ein paar Tagen wieder aus dem Netz)
*waves hi*   Currently lots to do at home....it'll take me a while to respond. But I guess MDC and this thread will be around for a while yet  ^_~
The study was done in 2000, so 11 years ago. You wouldn't happen to know if there's a more recent one around too?   Especially since in the intrapartum and neonatal mortality was 1.7 deaths per 1000 planned home births....which is, as far as I'm aware, quite a bit higher than current rates for mortality at the hospital.
Geez. Just because you read something "scary" doesn't mean you suddenly have to be so scared, you go hide in a closet all day. Scary stuff is a part of life and if women weren't able to face "scary" stuff on a day to day basis, none of us would ever leave our homes. Crossing a road with lots of traffic is dangerous too. And yeah, ugly car accidents DO happen and are on the news regularly. Do I stop crossing roads or driving my car because of either? No. Do I wear a...
It's just one day in your life and that of your kid....and I think that kid will actually appreciate the things you can buy for him/her (College fund, good quality toys, books, good, warm blanket, etc.) more than he/she will be bothered about where you gave birth to him / her.
Actually, people have been following the events on the mom's and the midwives facebook accounts and the dad and a few friends of the family were posting to an article on registerguard. Most of it has been deleted since, but I got to read some of it beforehand and the article seems to be pretty much spot on.
You wouldn't happen to have some statistics / studies / further information on that "babies die in the hospital" claim? And more details? Like what they die of? Under which circumstances? If so, it'd be nice to integrate that kind of information into the current discussion  ^_^
Starllamia didn't specify complications in her original post, and to me, it sounded as if she was referring to serious complications along the lines of dead, disabled babies and mothers and if that was the case, then 10% WOULD be an unacceptable number.   Comparing the percentage of all the complications (along the lines of dead, disabled babies and mothers) to just one of the complications was an imperfect comparison and I knew that, which was why I explicitly stated...
New Posts  All Forums: