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It's my husband's first cousin. And in my first email I rattled off about coxsackie, hand-foot& mouth, roseola, the croup....etc. They don't care. They are unflexible beyond belief. Thanks so much for your feedback. I guess we will be laying low for a long time because of this one. 
UPDATE: I sent one letter last week. Informative. Kind, but yet slightly surprised and offended. They responded, "Right or Wrong we are doing what we think is best. We hope you can understand and respect our decision."  Here was my reply:    'Hi Guys, I'm sorry that it's taken me so long to respond to your email. I've given it so much thought over the past week.  I have to say that it is hurtful to me that after everything that has been discussed, my children are...
Oh no...I would never judge or try hard to dissuade them from their stance. I simply wanted to let them know that their daughter is still at risk to illness even with our children being excluded. I gave them some basic information about vaccines in general, their effectiveness (or lack there of), and about the need for adult boosters to maintain vaccine-induced immunity. 
I am so grateful for all the thoughtful responses. I knew this community was mixed on the vaccine issue and I really wanted an objective opinion. I do understand that they are operating out of fear and ignorance. I've learned so much about the immune system and vaccines over the last four years. I really felt like they were not only being illogical and unfair to my healthy children, but that they were leaving their daughter vulnerable to illness, based on their own...
My children, 3.5 and 1.5 are rarely sick, at most, 3 times per year. When exposed to anything, they either fight it off successfully or they get a much milder version of it than their infected counterparts. There is a new baby in the family. She's now a little more than 2 months. After a ridiculous family fight on vacation about my children's vaccination status, the information spread like wildfire. We received a call asking us to get a babysitter. My husband was...
Hi Amy!! Fellow LIer here. I've spoken with you a couple times about bradley classes, yoga classes and doula stuff. Thanks for chiming in. Hope you are doing well :)  ~Jill 
I'm in Sayville. Been on here for a few years though. Wish there were more of us around our island :)
Just curious. I'm in Suffolk. :)
  @ Nikki....it is possible using Dr. Jay Gordon's night weaning plan. It's written for those of us that share a family bed! I didn't have success with it with my first, because my son was ultra intense so he'd scream if my nipple was more than 1 cm from his mouth! I just didn't have the energy or awareness throughout the night to do it consistently. But my cousin night weaned her co-sleeping daughter. Good Luck to you. Hope you are feeling well rested today. 
Thanks Cynthia!! :)
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