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My first labor was 65 hours from when I knew for sure I was in labor (posterior, asynclitic babe), so I'm thinking pretty much any labor will seem really fast to me this time. I agree that something in the 8-10 hour range would be just about perfect--long enough to realize what's going on and get everything set up (we're having a homebirth), but not so long that it's exhausting. So far, this babe seems to be getting into a better position than his big brother, so I'm...
Oh, and forgot to say we're using newborn (orange-edge) GMD prefolds. Baby #1 was 8lbs12oz, and we were able to use the newborn size with him for awhile.
We're doing mostly fitteds under wool soakers and longies, with a few PUL covers and a bunch of prefolds as back-ups in case we run out of fitteds and/or don't like using wool as much as I'm hoping to. Last time, we used a combo of AIOs and prefolds with PUL covers, which worked great, but I'm really excited to try wool, since I've learned to knit between babies #1 and #2.
I'm due on the 23rd, and trying to get everything together by Thursday, when my midwives are coming to do their home visit. I still have a bunch of odds and ends to track down, but I've ordered the birth kit, birth pool, hose, and other accessories needed for water birth. Planning a trip to the dollar store tomorrow to get shower curtain liners, hydrogen peroxide, and whatever else I can find.
gratefulmum, I'm having the same experience you are--with #1, I cried all the time (totally out of character for me). But with this pregnancy, nothing, even though most of my other symptoms have been stronger this time. Well, almost nothing--I did have one really emotional morning when I cried because DH said he needed to have some coffee before he watched DS so I could get breakfast. :P
Congratulations! What a nice surprise!
Thanks for posting, Caitlyn! It's one week and three days until our ultrasound, and I really can't wait! My fundus is now at my belly button (will be 15 weeks tomorrow), so I'm really looking forward to finding out what on earth is going on in there.   Congratulations on your twins--so exciting! :-)
    Thanks for your input, pregnova. :) I realize that fundal height measurements are inaccurate this early, it just really threw me off when my midwife (who has delivered something like 1500 babies) was so shocked and immediately suspected twins--I figure her instincts are probably pretty well honed by now, you know? I've calmed down a bit since yesterday, and I think I'm just going to think of it as one baby, then if a stowaway shows up at our ultrasound in 3 weeks, it...
I had my first appointment with my midwife today (at 13w2d). It went well, in that she seems awesome and we heard the heartbeat, but apparently I'm measuring quite large. Large enough that my very experienced midwife ran for a doppler as soon as she felt my stomach and started looking for a second hb. She didn't find one, but now I'm really wondering, because I know it's easy to miss a 2nd hb with a doppler. She offered me an ultrasound, but I declined because a) I...
With ds, I put off buying maternity clothes as long as possible (partly because we just couldn't afford a whole bunch of new clothes then), but this time, I think I'm just going to embrace it. :) I'm not that much bigger yet (though you can see a little pooch if I pull my shirt tight), but I just don't like tight things on my stomach now, so I'm really embracing the maternity pants--so comfy! Planning a big Old Navy.com shopping spree as soon as they have another sale....
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