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My little one is almost a month old, and I am starting to feel a bit isolated. I have no mom friends. I moved back to my hometown of Battle Ground when I was 7 months pregnant, and am completely out of the loop. Being a single young mom, I would really love to find my people.   I would love to meet other moms with infants that are into homebirths, breastfeeding, baby wearing, cloth diapering, baby food making and/or holistic medicine.   Where do I go? Who do I...
I just had a homebirth (July 6th 2011) with my midwife Bridget Carnahan of Abernethy Midwifery (http://www.abernethymidwifery.com/index.html) and I love her! I have such a great relationship with her, and she was fantastic during labor/birth/postpartum. I highly recommend her to anyone wishing for a homebirth!
Thank you for all of the great advice!   I have no idea why he wants to come to the appointment, honestly. I have been trying to figure that one out for a while. I actually contacted my midwife about it and she said that because I am having a home visit (my mom and both my grandma's come to every single one) I will have a ton of support and I should try to give him a chance. I can always say no to the next appointment. My mom also said she thought it was a good idea,...
Not only am I new to the Mothering Community, I am also new to the Single Parenting club... Well, kind of... You see, I'm pregnant.    I was with FOB as my midwife calls him (Father of Baby), and because I'm not in with the lingo yet, that's what I'm using. Anyway, I was with FOB for about a year and things were fantastic. Then one day my pee magically created double pink lines on every stick it came into contact with, and FOB immediately turned into something less...
  I am new to mothering community, trying to find my people. I am due June 28th with my first, and this is my belly at 34 weeks.
I already knew about harmful offgassing, I just didn't quite know the right mattress to look into. These mattresses are fantastic, and I would love to let my soon to be born baby sleep peacefully on one!   I also completed steps 1&2   leesowards@gmail
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